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All Weapons -Alan Wake 2

Just in time for October, the spooky, highly anticipated sequel to the 2010 game Alan Wake has been released. Alan Wake 2 has a few miss able extras to look out for that will help you battle the shadows and one of these will be all the weapons you can get your hands on.

In Alan Wake II, you play as two main characters, FBI Agent Saga who is investigating a cult in the quiet town of Brightfalls and the titular Alan Wake who is trapped in a strange shadow world.

With a total of 7 weapons to collect, Alan has 3 and Saga has the rest. Here is what chapter to find them in and how to access them.


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Weapon 1 – Sawed-off Shotgun – Saga

In Saga’s return mission 2: The heart, you’ll find yourself in the General Store area of the map. Enter the building in there and turn to the left. You’ll find the Sawed-off shotgun in a locked case. The code to open it is 739, continue reading if you want to know how that is the answer.

Sawed-Off Shotgun weapon location in Alan Wake 2

To get the combination you’ll need to head back to the other room and look at the counter next to the cash register. There are a number of 3-digit codes on the pad but none of them are the code for the shotgun. Obviously, it won’t be that easy.

So the codes you have are 705, 713, 717 and 723. All of these have a 7 so that seems to be part of the pattern so the new code will start with a 7. The other two numbers can be found on the lotto ticket. The lotto ticket’s numbers are 05, 13, 17, 23, 39 and 45. Since the first 4 numbers have been used it’s logical to deduce that the update code is going to use 39, which makes the answer 739.

Weapon 2 – Flashlight and Revolver – Alan

This is a story related weapon picked up by Alan in his second Initiation chapter: Casey. You’ll head down an alley of Wheeler Street and Ocean Avenue. Approach the dead body in the street and listen to the dialogue. After, Alan will pick up the weapons.

Weapon 3 – Crossbow – Saga

Back to Saga’s return missions. In the third mission: Local Girl. You’ll find the crossbow in in the northeast of the watery, wa, map near the breakroom.

Once again Saga cannot just pick up a weapon and you will need another 3-digit code. The code on the container is 527, if you want to know how to figure that out keep reading.

In the area you will see some numbered targets and crossbow bolts in them. The fifth target has 1 shot in it, making it the first digit, the second had 2 shot in so it’s the second digit and the seventh had 3 shot in so that makes it the third digit.

Weapon 4 – Double-Barrelled Shotgun – Alan

In Alan’s 5th Initiation mission, Room 665 you’ll need to turn right before heading into the Oceanview Hotel to find this shotgun.

Head up to a rundown bar and use your lamp. After a flicker it will be clean and new and you’ll be able to head in. Once inside, use your lamp again to turn the room back to how it was and you’ll be able to pick up the shotgun.

Weapon 5 – Flare Gun – Alan

The Flare gun is too important not to be story related. You’ll find it as you make your way through the 4th Initiation mission called, We Sing. After picking it up, you’ll be treated to a wonderful new song by the old gods of Asgard.

Finding the Flare weapon is all groovy in We Sing Alan Wake 2

Weapon 6 – Hunting Rifle – Saga

In the 5th return mission, Old Gods. You’ll find the Rifle in the Wellness centre’s security room. In order to get into the security room you’ll need to head to the reception and pick up the doorknob under the desk. This will get you into the security room.

Like many of Saga’s weapons so far, you’ll need a code as it is locked by an electric lock. In order to open the lock you’ll need the wellness centre’s security code. The code for the computer is 170823, read on if you would like to know how to figure this out.

Next to the security computer there will be notes referring to the day after the August new moon. If you look at the calendar you will see that the full moon is on the 16th. Which makes the passwords 17/08/2003 however this is too long so it’s abbreviated to 170823.

Weapon 7 – Pump-Action Shotgun – Saga

During her 6th Return mission, Scratch. Saga can find the Pup-Action shotgun in the sheriff’s station but like most of her guns before it you’ll need a code. The code is 723, read on if you want to know how to find the code.

Where to find all weapons in Alan Wake 2

The code can be figured out from the books and paper on the sheriff’s desk. There are a number of 3 letter combinations to try on the desk but your looking for QBW, the first letter of each of the author names. According to the note J=0 meaning every time that the alphabet reaches double digits in number it resets to 0.

May sound simple but the best way to work this out is on your hands. Count up the alphabet with them and every time you get to ten fingers you count it as 0 and start again.

This should bring you to 7 fingers for Q, 2 for B and 3 for W, making the combo 723.

And that’s all the weapons you can find in Alan Wake 2.

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