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Coffee-themed Fun Achievement – Alan Wake 2

Just in time for October, the spooky, highly anticipated sequel to the 2010 game Alan Wake has been released. Alan Wake 2 has a few hidden achievements to keep you on your toes and one of these is called Coffee-Themed Fun. Achievement hunters beware.

In Alan Wake II, you play as two main characters, FBI Agent Saga who is investigating a cult in the quiet town of Brightfalls and the titular Alan Wake who is trapped in a strange shadow world.


All Charm Locations (Rustic Charm)
Find The Flashlight And Revolver
Coffee-Themed Fun Gameplay

When can you get Coffee-themed Fun?

Coffee-themed fun is an achievement you can gain in Saga’s return chapters. From her chapter 3, Lost Girl, up until chapter 6, Scratch.

Until chapter 6 the map is free roam and you can come back to this point at any time. This is convent if you missed it the first time through. If you are unsure about the point of no return the game is pretty clear on telling you and even forces you to save before that point so even if you go through the whole game and miss the achievement, as long as you have that save point you can still come back and get the achievement to fill your digital trophy cabernet.

Where can you get The Achievement/Trophy?

The Coffee-themed Fun achievement can be picked up in Watery, in the Coffee World area. Nothing like a creepy rundown amusement park in a horror game.

When you enter coffee world the first thing you see will be a building shaped like a coffee pot that is the gift shop. Explore all you want but for this achievement you’ll want to head around it.

How to get the Coffee-themed Fun Achievement/trophy?

Heading down the path past the coffee building you’ll see a sign and a cut out of a creepy bear. The signs will point to various places around coffee world. ‘The Percolator’ to the left, the ‘Expresso Express’ to the right and the ‘Fresh pot gift shop’ behind you.

All interesting things but what you want is the bear itself. Take out any gun you don’t mind wasting a bullet for and shoot that bear.

How to unlock the Coffee-Themed Fun achievement in Alan Wake 2

The achievement, ‘Coffee-themed Fun’ will pop and well done, you had fun at the creepy amusement park.

The creepy bear will also take that bullet like a champion, barely a scratch. I’m not sure carboard should be so durable. Maybe there is something creepy about it…

Fun Facts around this achievement?

Though most guides direct you to this bear for our coffee-themed fun, like I have as it’s the first cardboard cutout you find in the park it apparently works against any cardboard cutout. If you want to experiment you can try shoot a different cardboard cutout in the park and come back here and comment if it’s true. This is basically all you need to do to complete the coffee-themed fun achievement, simple. The bear may be creepy but he’s not going anywhere so you can always go back if he is the only one you can shoot.


Whilst trying to unlock the coffee-themed fun achievement you will find out that the Bear’s name is Mr. Drippy.

In the remaster of Alan Wake 1 remedy added hints about Alan Wake 2 including a poster for Coffee World on a notice board.

Those who played control may be disturbed to find a pink flamingo by a well in the park.

Also those who played Control may recognise the name of the town Watery. At the end of the “What a mess” task list in the expansion AWE you find a postcard from Watery. The postcard says ‘Greetings from Watery, WA. America’s Little Finland.’ The picture features the wise janitor Ahti on vacation in a towel with a beer. It’s reference to being called ‘Little Finland’ is because Finish Immigrants founded the town.

According to Alan, Watery is on the decline due to it’s lumbermill not seeing as much business. Coffee World kept it alive for a time but since it is run down and abandoned in this game it obviously was not successful. With how rundown and overgrown the park was it leads me to question how long-ago Alan wrote about Watery.

And that’s about all there is, if you know any more information, please feel free to share it in the comments. I hope you had some coffee-themed fun!

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