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How to upgrade your weapons – Alan Wake 2

Just in time for October, the spooky, highly anticipated sequel to the 2010 game Alan Wake has been released. Alan Wake 2 has a small arsenal of weapons that you’ll need to keep in tip top shape to battle it out with the shadow creatures. The best way to do this is to upgrade your weapons.

In Alan Wake II, you play as two main characters. FBI Agent Saga who is investigating a cult in the quiet town of Brightfalls and the titular Alan Wake who is trapped in a strange shadow world.

Between these two main characters you’ll have 7 weapons to upgrade. Alan has 3, his trusty revolver, flare gun and double-barrelled shotgun. Saga has 5 including her default pistol, Sawed-off shotgun, Crossbow, Hunting Rifle, and pump-action Shotgun.


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Upgrading Saga’s Weapons

Upgrading Saga’s Weapons can be done in her mind palace on a desk with a magazine about pistols.

In order to unlock this feature and upgrade her weapons you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled through her Return missions for Lunchboxes. Inside the lunchboxes are manuscript fragments that are used to purchase the weapons table and upgrades. Each lunchbox has 2-9 pieces.

As is the nature of these games, you will be able to go back and find these again. Any time between Saga’s first chapter and the end of her 6th, Scratch. After that it is a point of no return. The list below shows the chapter you will first encounter these lunchboxes to save you backtracking.

How to upgrade weapons in Alan Wake 2

Lunchbox Chapters

In Saga’s first chapter Invitation there are 6 Lunchboxes to keep an eye out for. These lunchboxes have the lowest amount of fragments giving out 1-3 for each one you find.

Saga’s Second chapter, The Heart, only has 3 lunchboxes but each of them give out the maximum amount of 9 fragments. Keep a good eye out for these for an early game boost.

Saga’s Third chapter, Lost Girl has 5 lunchboxes. The lunchboxes of this chapter vary greatly between 5-9 fragments.

The last chapter to find Fragments in for Saga is her 5th chapter, Old Gods. In this chapter you’ll find the last 6 lunchboxes and each will  have between 6 and 9 fragments in each.

That should bring up to a total of 128 Manuscripts Fragments that will get Saga’s weapon upgraded and able to take on what the game has to throw at you.

Upgrading Alan’s Weapons

During Alan’s chapter Initiation, you’ll find words of power. Words of power are circles made out of words you’ll see in the area. They glow yellow and you can obtain them by aiming at them you’re your flashlight.

There are a number of different types of words to upgrade Alan, the amount of light he can use and more. Of these words the ones we are looking for to upgrade his weapons to the best they can be are the words for ‘War’ and ‘Gun.’

Like Saga they can be found all over his missions. There are 27 words of power in total with only 8 of them being ‘War’ or ‘Gun’. With the nature of this game you can get these any time between Alan’s first chapter at the end of his 8th chapter, Zane’s Film. After that is a point of no return but you are free to wander back to any you have missed before that point.

The locations below are the first chapter which these words of power are available so you can keep an eye out for them and not have to worry about backtracking so much.

Words of Power Chapters

Initiation 2, Casey

This is the chapter where you gain the flashlight and revolver so in a way is the chapter where you gain the ability to activate the words of power. You’ll have access to 16 of the 27 total words of power.

Keep your eyes and flashlight trained hight and low to get as many as you can as soon as you can. It will make the rest of the game a bit easier to have the upgrades so soon.

5 of these 16 are for ‘Gun’ and ‘War’.

Initiation 5, Room 665

A chapter with 6 words of power in 3 of them are ‘War’ and ‘Gun’.

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