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Astarion is the rogue class elf in Baldurs Gate III. His backstory tells the tale of his dark upbringing as a slave to a vicious and evil vampire leader known as Cazador. This same said tale has also left a scar both emotionally and physically. One that leaves him in fear but yet hatred and a lust for revenge. Though, he cannot complete his goals alone.

His personality leaves many either loving the ‘elf boy’ or disliking him as he can be seen as rude and often unpleasant and cheeky. However, a lot of this is mostly down to his life in servitude.

This elf’s companion side quest is known as The Pale Elf. Which sees players confronting dangerous foes, many of which are tied to Astarion’s story as a slave and his master, Cazador.


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Astarion is a rogue class elf. Who, at first, is rather hostile. Though his rather hostile temperament is simply a cover up for his traumatic past. A past that still haunts him. One that also brings him fear and distrust in others.

This past involves our ‘brooding elf’ being cast down and created into a slave in order to serve the evil vampire lord, Cazador. Of the Szarr family. Where he would be treat brutally and forced to feed on rats.


As a rogue you can expect Astarion to come prepared with all of the necessary rogue-like abilities and personalities. Such as; acrobatics, stealth, deception, dexterity, and persuasion.







His abilities further improve once he manages to reach that of level 2. Here we will be given the choice of either Arcane Trickster or the Thief subclasses. With the former option allowing him to learn a few new spell casting abilities.

Being a rogue, the elf will also come complete with the Cunning ‘Hide’ action, which allows Astarion to basically go into stealth mode and hide from the invading enemy. This can be accompanied with similar abilities such as; Dash and Disengage. Which either allows him to cover more of the battlefield or flee from battle.

One good ability with Astarion that can cause a lot of damage is Sneak Attack which is acquired at the very start of the game. Combine this with two weapons equipped and perfect. Also additional abilities such as Fast Hand (Thief ability) can give an additional bonus action.

For a more strength build for Astarion it is recommended to go with Thief. He deals a lot of damage with this subclass and may prove the better option out of the two.


Astarion can be recruited rather early on, during act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. After the ship crash and when you awaken at the Ravaged Beach. Simply explore the beach and make your way over to coordinates X:168 Y:265. Here we will be able to hear the elf crying out for help.

Apparently he has managed to spot a wild boar..


In order to be able to romance Astarion you will need to farm for his approval. Whilst also visiting him back at the camp. He has a rather evil personality. He is also rather cocky too. So demanding compensation from quests such as Rescue the Gnome is one way. He also thinks that the todpole is not entirely a bad thing.

He is quite fond of the tadpole as it has changed him. Being able to endure sunlight. He also dislikes Cazador, so by siding with him during those conversations will also help with his approval and ultimately his romance too.

Once his approval has reached the ‘high’ or ‘very high’ status he should then become romanceable after the goblin invasion. His romance is actually one of the more easier ones to unlock.


As with most of the character companions in Baldurs Gate III Astarion also has his set approvals and disapprovals. So players can either choose to side with him or to leave him out altogether. He is also a romance option too.


In order to raise Astarion’s trust and approval with your character you will need to be of ‘neutral’ personality. As well as siding with him during quests and whenever Cazador is mentioned.

Because it has changed him, he is also a fan of the tadpole and does not want to get rid of it. So siding with him on this will also help.

During the Search The Cellar quest which sees you collecting the Necromancy of Thay book, by deciding to give it to Astarion instead of Gale will also grant further approval.


Being the opposite of that mentioned above will likely grant us with disapproval from Astarion. So wanting to remove the tadpole, bullying Astarion when it comes to Cazador will also grant us with disapproval.

Wanting to help people and generally having a nice, kind hearted personality, will also likely rub Astarion the wrong way.


Some of this dialogue has the chance of changing, being modified or being removed altogether with the full release of BGIII. However, with that said here is a few bits of dialogue to enjoy regardless.

Astarion talks about his old master, CazadorMy old master. Before the mind flayers took me from him. Before this strange, twisted freedom. Cazador Szarr is a vampire lord in Baldur’s Gate. The patriarch of his coven and a monster obsessed with power. Not political power or military power – I mean power over people. The power to control them completely.
He turned me nearly two hundred years ago. I became his spawn and he became my tormentor.
Speaking of his past life and how Cazador used to treat his slavesWell at least my vision was based in reality. Cazador was actually a poet. He used to carve his verses into our flesh. Said he’d turn us into art. He once spent all night with a razor, drafting and redrafting a sonnet on my back. Apparently the more I screamed, the more mistakes he made. And the more editing was required.
Astarion does not join the party during his first introductionI guess I’ll spend my evenings lounging here while you do all the hard work. It sounds awful
The elf is caught drinking blood from the player characterNo no – it’s not what it looks like, I swear!
I wasn’t going to hurt you! I just needed – well, blood.


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