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Another one of the BG3 Baldurs Gate III side quests is Avenge the Ironhands. Which is part of act 3.

In order to be able to do this quest you will need to have saved Wulbren in the Moonrise Towers and in order to get that quest you will have had to saved Barcus from the goblins in Act I. Wulbren will be the one to give you this quest.


Save the Gondians
Rescue Wulbren


To unlock the quest you will need start in Rivington. North of the Sword Coast Couriers there will be a path that leads to a cave entrance. Follow it and climb down the vines. Enter and find yourself in Angleiron’s Cellar. Climb up the rocks to find the Ironhands hideout. Head further in and through a door left of a ladder and speak to Wulbren.

He will ask for your help in taking down the Steel Watch and the Gondians who have been creating automaton solders.

The Peaceful Way

When you arrive at the Steel Watch Foundry in the West of the Lower City you will see that the Gondians are not exactly willing participants. You can decide to save them. However, helping them crosses over with Wyll’s companion quest and will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Foundry either way.

Wulbren will not be happy about this way of doing things. He will be glad that the Foundry is destroyed but he wants all Gondians dead. This will also come up as a choice in this route. But if you are ignoring the plight of the Gondians then I’m guessing you’re not playing the most morally good character anyway.


If you are happy to blow up the foundry regardless of who is inside, you will need to pick the entrance to the foundry and head left through the door. Don’t mind the blind Gondian, he won’t sound any alarm and head down the stairs. If you go in with a full party and no stealth you will be in combat pretty much right away.

If you would like to avoid that combat, I suggest you split the party and go in with one person. Use spells such as invisibility, pace without a trace and gaseous form to be able to sneak past everyone in the room. You will be needing to head to a door to the east which is a tough one to pick.

If you fail the sleight of hand check to open it, one of the enemies in the room called Hahns Rives has the key. You could take it after combat or try to pick pocket it.

The Control Centre

In the control centre there is no way to avoid combat. You will have to fight your way through three automatons. After you’ll be able to place the bomb in the neurocitor at the end of the room.

Wulbren’s True Colours

After you have done it a cutscene will play where the Foundry will explode. The blind Gondian will have escaped the blast. Wulbren will appear, pleased that the Foundry is destroyed but not happy that a Gondian survived. He’ll ask you to kill him.

Should you refuse, you will lose the Ironhands support and Wulbren will declare vengeance. If you accept and kill the Gondian Wulbren will be pleased and you will have the support of him and the Iron hands.

Wulbren fails to avenge the ironhands

How to Appease Both Sides

Using the Runebomb provided by Wulbren will always take you to this choice but there is one way to make peace with both.

Apparently, it’s a little bit buggy but the key to peace is Barcus, yes, the gnome you found tied to a windmill in Act I.

If you save Barcus in Act I, then again in the Grymforge you should have the chance to recruit him into your camp. If you do this Barcus will overthrow Wulbren in Act III. As the new leader of the Ironhands he will make peace with the Gondians assuring the locality of both sides.  

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