Baldur’s Gate 3 – A Collection Of Various Astarion Character Dialogue Outcomes

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If you have been following my Baldur’s Gate 3 pages as of late, you will notice that I have quite a few Astarion character related pages. This mainly includes a collection of different dialogue outcomes.

Lets be honest here, whilst Baldur’s Gate 3 has a nice collection of different characters, all of which have their own personalities, abilities and backgrounds. There is always going to be one that stands out above the rest, sorry.. well not sorry in this regard.

Anyway as you can tell we are still somewhat obsessed with the Astarion character, though he may seem like a closed book to most he does have the most interesting backstory so far.

So to keep our collection of Astarion pages going, we just happened to stumble across a video (Thanks to: Dertrava)

Whilst most of our past pages have mainly consisted of written dialogue outcomes, and or voiced outcomes only. This next video consists of both voice and gameplay too.

Featuring over an hours worth of Early Access (we personally cannot wait until the full release) of nothing but our beautiful Vampire boy.

The video apparently took 3 days to make and we personally appreciate the effort that has gone into this video. Again thanks to Dertrava.

The only drawback is that the dialogue options are not in English. However the game itself is, making it a minor drawback if anything. Of course maybe you understand the language but we personally cannot read it.

Anyway we hope you enjoy the video as much as we did!

SOURCE: Dertrava



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