Baldur’s Gate 3 – Astarion Dialogue (5 Hours / 5121 Files) Compilation

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Baldur’s Gate 3 has been in it’s Early Access phase for almost an entire month now, and no doubt a lot of people are enjoying it. Picking out all of the various hidden features, secrets and various other need to know and interesting features.

Unfortunately at present there is no concrete release date for this game so far, there has also been no real information regarding an actual console release neither. Though personally I really hope we do see it reach console some time in the future!

For now though we have the Early Access phase which is now available on both PC and Stadia.

Anyway as I spend my time wondering when the next bit of Baldur’s Gate 3 news will present itself, I couldn’t help but notice a rather nicely done video.

Given the fact that prior to seeing this video I was creating my own version of Astarion dialogue (be it in page form however, rather than video). I actually even had plans to do only Astarion dialogue too (you can probably tell by looking at my Astarion dialogue pages and more specifically the link titles. However, as I was doing it in page form I felt like it didn’t seem right to only include Astarion and thus I decided to include the other characters too, keeping it with Astarion scenes only mind you. Thus not exactly straying too far from my original idea) I just felt like it was interesting to add the other character’s personal opinions on various decisions that where made, and it felt better in a page view perspective.

Thus since this video is similar to the pages that I was doing. Except it is all Astarion dialogue and none of the other characters. I couldn’t help but want to add it and share it with you all.

The video itself has been compiled and created by Youtuber Chubblot. In which the video is said to include over 5 hours of nothing but Astarion dialogue (that is a whooping 5121 files all put together). As I’m personally still obsessed with the character Astarion and of course the whole Baldur’s Gate 3 game, I as already said, I really just wanted to get this video out there and show my love for the Astarion character and appreciation for such a video in a job well done! It’s fangtastic!

Astarion is of course voiced by the very talented actor and voice actor Neil Newbon (Nicholai – Resident Evil 3 Remake). So be sure to check out the video as well as the other links below.

(I also have a page on Gale‘s Early Access Lines too, which you can view here)

SOURCE: Chubblot


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