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Decide Minthara’s Fate – Baldur’s Gate 3

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The Decide Minthara’s Fate is quite an interesting quest. It can be acquired during act 2 but it may not even turn up for you if you helped the Tieflings in Act I. Minthara is a leader of one of the goblin camps during the begging section of Baldur’s Gate 3. If you kill her in the Save the Refugees quest line, she will not appear for this quest to activate and you will not be able to recruit her as a companion.

There are various theories online that you may be able to use some combination of exposing Kagha and not killing the goblin leaders to rescue Halsin without killing Minthara but there doesn’t seem to be a confirmed way to get Minthara as a companion without turning against the druids and Tieflings. This quest and character are very much a reward of an evil playthrough.

If you find a way comment below.


Assuming you either sided with the goblins in Act I or simply ignored the save the refugees quest when you arrive at the Moonrise Towers you can take some steps down to the left and head into the dungeon. Follow a path of blood to find Minthara being tortured by a couple of cultists.

Decide Minthara's Fate
How To Recruit Minthara Companion

Free Her or Leave Her

During her torture Minthara will reach out to you in desperation. After the first set of dialogue the second will give you some options. You can attack the cultists but that will seal your fate of having to fight your way out of Moonrise Tower. If you would rather solve this peacefully then flaunt that True Soul authority and get in on the situation. A Deception or Intimidation check with leave Minthara in your care, mentally, the cultists will still be there.

Psychic Conversations

In order to save her from this torture you will need to pass a Wisdom check with a high DC. Don’t be afraid to use any social spells and inspiration re-rolls you can.

Minthara assumes you are here to end her, if you don’t want to, you should propose a plan to have Minthara fake being broken to escape.

The guards do notice that something isn’t right when you return from the mental conversation. An Intimidation, Deception or Persuasion banishes their doubts. Calm Minthara from her vengeful will and you will be able to escort her out.


You will be noticed trying to walk out with a prisoner. The first will be just outside the room. You will be able to use Intimidation, Persuasion or Deception to get past them. Or you could fight your way out if social skills aren’t your thing. But this alerts more in the Moonrise tower so be warned that it will be much more challenging.

If you have managed to talk your way out of the prison, you will be clear from this point on until you hit the bridge. Two guards will stop you then. Luckily these two have heard that she could leave her cell at least, so you only need convince them that her new purpose is by your side. Again, Intimidation, Persuasion or Deception will get you through, a failure will trigger combat.

After that you are home free,

Recruiting MINTHARA AS A Companion

At the end of the bridge you can choose to dismiss Minthara or you can invite her to your camp. If you bring her back to camp you will be able to talk to her about what she wishes to accomplish and dismiss someone in order to bring her into the party.

Minthara is a paladin so she can be levelled into your front-line fighter and tank. However, don’t be too surprised when you do not get any personal quests or romance options with Minthara. It is unclear as of now if that is something that will be added to the game in the future or not but it seems that she is mostly just an extra character you can use and her romance options are before you can recruit her as a companion.

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