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If you’re a trophy collector and love Baldurs Gate 3, then you may be trying to complete all of the game’s achievements, such as Dig for Victory (Buried Treasure). However, because this achievement doesn’t really give you any information on how to complete it, or where to find the buried treasure, you may be struggling to unlock the trophy. If you’re in this situation, then keep reading. In this article, we will lay out exactly how to complete the Dig For Victory (Buried Treasure) achievement in Baldurs Gate 3. So, let’s take a look!


Where To Find A Shovel


Dig for victory is an achievement/trophy that you can unlock whilst playing through Baldurs Gate 3. It requires you to dig up at least five hidden treasure chests during a playthrough.

Here’s how Dig for Victory is described in-game:

“Dig up five buried chests in a single playthrough – treasure!”

This is one of the game’s 53 trophies that you can unlock throughout a playthrough. As you probably won’t unlock this trophy by accident, it’s an easy one to miss. Many players don’t even know it exists!

Prerequisites for Completing Dig For Victory (Buried Treasure)

Before you’re able to dig up any buried treasure, you will need to find a shovel. Finding a shovel can be pretty tedious, but it’s definitely worth the headache. It’s the only way you will be able to complete this achievement. You’ll also find some pretty useful loot along the way.

We have a full guide on how to find a shovel in Baldurs Gate 3. You can access it by clicking here.

Locations of Hidden Treasure in Baldurs Gate 3

Here are five easy locations that you can use to dig up treasure and complete the Dig for Victory (Buried Treasure) achievement in Baldurs Gate 3:

  1. Emerald Grove- Instead of going to the Emerald Grove, walk North from the Roadside Cliffs. Follow the road until you reach the Cragged Rock. Climb up this. You should find a small campsite with a silver pendant treasure waiting for you. 
  2. Scuffed Rock- When you’re exploring the wilderness to find Lae’zel in Act 1, head over to the scuffed rock. This can be located with the following coordinates: X: 175, Y: 267. From here, work your way down the cliff. You should be able to spot a mound of dirt ready to be dug up.
  3. Emerald Grove Vault- You can actually get your hands on the treasure from the Emerald Grove’s hidden vault before it’s rewarded to you after you defeat the Goblins. Just separate Astarion from your group and use his sleight-of-hand proficiency to enter the vault. From here, you should be able to find a hidden treasure chest.
  4.  Ruined Village- You can find a treasure chest in the ruined village. Just go to the building located at the following coordinates: X -111, Y 610. From here, persuade the guard to let you in. Next you’ll walk down a path until you enter a huge basement, with loads of treasure for you to loot.
  5. Shattered Sanctum- You can find a hidden treasure chest in the Shattered Sanctum’s Treasure Chamber. However, to access it, you will need to have unlocked the Misty Step spell. This spell will allow you to teleport behind the Sanctum’s locked door. 

Beyond this, there are dozens of different hidden treasure chest locations throughout Baldurs Gate 3’s giant map. Just keep an eye out for suspicious mounds of dirt, and you’ll unlock the achievement in no time!

How to Dig Up Treasure in Baldurs Gate 3

Finding the buried treasure is one process, but digging it up is the only thing that matters for the achievement. Luckily, digging buried treasure is very easy in Baldurs Gate 3.

As you walk around the location of a buried treasure chest, you should be able to find a small mound of dirt on the floor as your party performs survival checks. So long as one person has a shovel, you’ll be able to click on the mound and then dig it up.

Tips for Completing Dig for Victory (Buried Treasure)

Here are a few tips for completing Dig for Victory (Buried Treasure) in Baldurs Gate 3:

  • Save your Progress Regularly- As you’re exploring and digging up different treasure chests, it’s important that you save your progress regularly. If you don’t, you run the risk of failing some of your survival checks, which will cause you to lose all of your hard-earned progress.
  • Double Check That Someone Has a Shovel- The last thing that you want to do is travel all the way to a dig site, only to realize that you left your shovel at your camp! So, double-check that at least one party member is carrying a shovel before leaving. It only takes a few seconds, but could save you hours of walking back and forth pointlessly. 
  • Plan your Digs Tactically- It’s a good idea to plan your digs as you’re traveling to do a bigger story mission, or something similar. For instance, if you need to head to the Emerald Grove for a mission, go to the silver pendant dig site along the way. This will make your progress much more efficient, as you’ll only have to take a slight detour to a dig site, instead of traveling all the way to a certain location for only one purpose. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Dig for Victory (Buried Treasure) is a great achievement to work towards completing in Baldurs Gate 3, as not only will you unlock a pretty rare achievement, but you’ll also dig up a bunch of useful items that will help you along your Baldurs Gate Journey! So, don’t neglect this achievement, and good luck on your treasure-digging journey.

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