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If you’re struggling to complete the “Escape the Nautiloid” Quest in Baldurs Gate 3, then this guide is for you. Escape the Nautiloid is the first main story quest and in this article, we’ll detail step by step how to complete this quest, so you can finally start exploring the world of Baldurs Gate 3. So, let’s take a look!



What is Escape the Nautiloid?

Escape the Nautiloid is the first story mission in Baldurs Gate 3. It essentially serves as a tutorial for most of the game’s mechanics, such as combat and movement, and introduces players to a few different characters like Lae’zel.

Because it’s the first mission in the game you might think that Escape the Nautiloid is easy to complete. But, it’s actually surprisingly difficult, so make sure you follow the next steps carefully.

Familiar Yourself with the Game and Look Around

Once you’ve created your character, you’ll spawn into the game. During this time, you’ll be given a tutorial on how to move around, rotate your camera and interact with items. You’ll then be detailed on your mission- to escape the Nauitloid with your life.

However, before you actually get going with the quest, it’s a good idea to slow things down and just take a look around first. Familiarise yourself with the movement controls, and make sure to check out the Nursery pod, which will trigger the dice mechanic for the first time. 

Head Through The Door

A Mind Flayer seen whilst Escaping the Nautiloid

Once you’re ready to continue with the escape the Nautiloid quest, it’s time to head through the door with the sign ‘Sphincter’ above it. The door should open automatically, and as you keep moving, you’ll be able to hear a distant voice begging for your help.

If you pan your camera to the West, you’ll be able to see someone lying in a dentist’s chair. Head over to this mysterious man. Doing so will start a cutscene.

During the cutscene, it will be revealed that the voice you’re hearing is actually the voice of an Intellect Devourer inside the captive man’s brain. It refers to itself as ‘Us’, and beings begging you to save it.
From here, you will have a few options. You can either free the creature, remove it using force or kill it.

The choice will affect how the mission plays out, so think carefully about how you want to approach this. Although, it’s probably a good idea to keep this creature alive, as it’ll make the initial combat sequences much easier.

Once you’ve chosen what to do with the creature, turn your attention to Us. You can kill Us, but as long as you don’t harm it, Us will help you get to the helm and save the ship. 

Head to the Helm

Once you’ve made these choices, it’s time to head to the helm. Walk down the platform into the main section of the ship. From here, head West along the outer section of the ship, making sure to avoid the fire. You can make navigation much easier here by simply following the Helm marker on your mini-map.
If you’ve chosen to leave Us alive, you can actually take control of it during this sequence. Just click Us’ portrait, and you should instantly take control of it.

As you progress toward the Helm, you will encounter Lae’zel. She’s not so friendly at this stage and will instantly challenge you to a fight. However, a telepathic connection via the tadpoles in your head will calm her down. This connection will then cause Lae’zel to realize that you’re on the same side as her. She’ll even explain what these tadpoles are, and how important finding a cure is to your survival. Then, she’ll decide to help you escape the Nautiloid.

Defeat the Imps

Before you’re able to get to the helm, you will face one final obstacle- imps. Initially, the imps will be feeding on dead bodies. But, as soon as you approach them, they will become hostile.

This encounter acts as the game’s combat tutorial. Here, you’ll learn that combat turn order is determined by a dice roll, and your character can only do a finite number of actions per turn. There are also other limitations such as movement and range which you will have to consider.

If you’ve never played a Baldurs Gate game before, this whole system might seem a little overwhelming. But, you’ll get to grips with the system in no time. Plus, with Lae’zel by your side, you will have more than enough firepower to take down the imps!

It’s recommended that you use ranged attacks when taking on the imps. Imps can only attack at close range, so by utilizing ranged attacks, you’ll stay out of harm’s way and avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Connect the Transponder Nerves to Escape the Nautiloid

Once you’ve defeated and looted the imps, keep heading toward the helm. You will need to climb up some arterial flesh, which is pretty gross! 

Once you’ve climbed up, you will encounter two Cultists. They will leave you alone unless you press the middle button of the control panel in the room. If you want to get some combat practice in, then take these guys on, as they’re pretty easy to beat. But, if you’d rather press on, leave them alone and keep heading on. You can also find Shadowheart in this room, who you can choose to save.

Keep pressing on, past the battle with a Mind Flayer and Commander Zhalk, who are both far too strong for you to take on during this mission. Once in the helm, you need to connect the Transponder Nerves in under 15 moves. Doing this will start the final cutscene, during which you finally escape the nautiloid, albeit in a crash-landing style!

Escape the Nautiloid – Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Escape the Nautiloid is a great first mission to play, and one that sets the tone for the rest of the game well. You shouldn’t find it too difficult to complete, as most of the mission is tutorial based. But if you do get stuck, just refer back to this guide and you’ll escape the Nautiloid in no time!

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