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Find Dribbles the Clown is an act 3 side quest in Baldur’s Gate III (BG3). We can find this specific quest over at the Circus of The Last Days

Ah yes, what everyone wants in their D&D games…clowns.


You can find Dribbles in the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington. Once you enter, you’ll be so lucky as to catch one of his shows. Boo or cheer at his punderful performance and at the end you’ll be the lucky audience member he calls up to the stage for a trick! You can ask one of your companions to go if you want. Things will not quite go to plan and you will end up in combat with Dribbles.

Find Dribbles the Clown BG3

Dribbles the Combat

Unfortunately, it’s not just Dribbles and his dog you will have to contend with. Once combat starts a few other cultists will appear and one will open the cages on a displacer beast and a…there’s probably a D&D name for it but I’m going to say a Raptor called Crimson.

There’s no one to call a boss so no one to focus down. Even Dribbles is just another mook. Beat them the best way you know how.

Dribbles the Fake

It will turn out that Dribbles was a shapeshifter that had infiltrated the circus.

Speak to Lucretious who will be understandably mad at the carnage that has happened in her circus. She will want to move the circus but won’t without Dribbles. She’s blunt giving you the quest and assures you that you will be rewarded if you can find Dribbles for her.

Now, unlike most quests when you are tasked to find someone you usually find them in one piece whether they are alive or dead. Poor Dribbles is in fact in seven pieces. Here’s the location for each piece.


You can find the first piece of Dribbles very close on the table next to the kobold in the dapper hat, Popper. You can speak to Popper and use an Intimidation or Persuasion check to get you to give you the hand, or you can use a stealthy character to steal it from the table.


For your second piece you will need to head next door into the Open Hand Temple. Head through to a room in the back, then down a trap door to the basement. You’ll head through a door south into a square room. In order to open the path you will need to press two buttons. First press the button on the north wall to your left then the button on the south wall opposite, this should open up a path east.

Defeat the enemies you encounter and find the second piece of Dribbles on one of the corpses in the room.


The third piece will be into Baldur’s Gate proper. Head to the Basilisk Gate waypoint and towards Stromshore Tabernacle. Between the Gate and the Tabernacle there will be a locked door. Pick it open and find the piece of Dribbles on the corpse inside.

Piece #4 – SEVERED ARM

Piece 4 is also in the lower city. South-West of the Sorcerous Sundries you can find a barricaded house. Break down the barricade. Peartree’s Home. Loot what you can inside and then move the chest to get access to a trap door beneath it. Pick open the trap door and find your 4th piece on a corpse in the basement.

Piece #5 – SEVERED LEG

Also in the lower city. Head to a small home next to Lora’s House. Open the door and search the room for a key that will open the hatch. Head over to the corpse bathed in sunlight and search it to find piece 5.


Piece number 6 is also in the lower city. Head to the Beehive’s General Goods and pick you way into the building west of it. Sneak in and find a wooden hatch, much like all the other locations. Pick it open and head down to find the piece on one of the corpses you find.


The last piece is in the Undercity Ruins. Simply follow these ruins to the east and towards the coordinates X:-65 Y:1041. Here we will find the body of Wilting Alex.

Returning the Pieces

Return to the circus and speak to Lucretious once again. She is surprisingly unfazed by Dribbles being in pieces and plans to put him back together.

She will reward you with Spellmight Gloves that grant the ability Spellmight. When casting a spell that requires an attack roll you can take a -5 to your roll to deal 1d8 more damage. A risk reward way to power up your spells.

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