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Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant is an act 3 quest within Baldur’s Gate III BG3. It requires us to travel to the city of Baldurs Gate and, more specifically, the Lower City. Where we can encounter Philgrave’s Mansion.

Mystic Carrion both looks and sounds like an ominous character and he need to find his servant. Should you bring him back? Let’s find out.


To unlock the Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant Quest you will need to head to the south of the Lower City and into Philgrave’s Mansion. Head into the back room and talk to the guy with the glowing staff. After you get through some of the conversation you will be able to ask him if there is anything you can do for him. That is when he will give you the quest.

Find Thrumbo

It turns out his assistant is a zombie so that may be a bit dangerous to have on the streets. Head to the dock behind the mansion and sneak through some doors to the northeast. Open up the wardrobe and surprise! It’s Thrumbo.

He says that Mystic Carrion is as suspicious as he looks as he murdered Thrumbo and his friends to make them his servants. He asks for your help taking him out, however he will warn you that attempts have been made by him and his friends, but Mystic Carrion just seems to resurrect each time.


If you don’t believe Thrumbo and just want to complete the quest as quickly as possible. End the conversation and begin combat. He’s just one zombie so it won’t be hard to take him down. Pick up the body and take it back to the Mansion.

Hand Thrumbo over to Carrion and he will reward you with the very rare, 5-12 bludgeoning weapon, The Torch of Revocation.

That is the quickest route to Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant BG3 Quest complete.

Don’t Turn Him In

If you don’t want to turn Thrumbo in then keep talking to him.

Thrumbo has been watching Carrion for some time and believes him to be a Mummy Lord. Thrumbo claims that Mystic showed him a jar that may have contained his heart and destroying it may be the key to kill him. However, he was blinded on route to the jar so he doesn’t know where it is. The only clue he can give you to the location is beneath the mansion in a room the Mystic Carrion doesn’t let anyone in.

He’ll also warn you not to talk to Mystic Carrion again as he will know you have spoken to Thrumbo.

Find Mystic Carrion’s Secret

Head back to the mansion and take a right to head up the stairs. Pick the door at the top, open and be careful of the zombie patrolling. It’s not very strong so easiest thing to do is take it out quickly. Sneak to the door directly in front of you and pick it open.

Take a left in the room and find a door that looks like a wall. Open it up and head down the ladder and then down the hatch. Below you’ll find a lab. On the table you will find some notes that will talk of a secret lair in the undercity ruins.

Jar 1

Head north of the Elfsong Tavern into a graveyard, left of the mausoleum there will be some trap doors to the mortuary. Enter sneak and head down. Directly to your left when you enter a jar of Mystic Carrion’s Lungs will be on the table. Hit it with a ranged attack to destroy it. It will set off a trap so make sure your party members are far away.

Jars 2-3

To find the second jar you will need to head to the Undercity Ruins waypoint and travel west. You’ll find a passageway, head on through.

Once through, travel west then north to a door that looks like a wall. Pick it open and even with crit success it will trigger combat. There will be 16 various undead. It will be a fun fight.

After combat, you will find a jar on the table and a jar in the chest left of the table. Pick them up! Don’t destroy them yet. If you do it will destroy a book on the right table that you need to read for the location of the last jar.

Thrumbo the Mystic Carrion's Servant

Jar 4

The last jar is sadly inside Thrumbo. Return to where you left him behind, in the mansion and talk to him. Luckily, if you tell him, he will be so disgusted he will literally vomit it up so you don’t have to gut him for it. Pick it up and go somewhere secluded.

Take all the jars you have collected and place them on the ground (Drop Item). Walk away, and like you did with the first, destroy them with a ranged attack.

With all of them gone, it is time to take down the mummy.

Defeat Mystic Carrion BG3

Mystic Carrion’s perception is very high so getting a sneak attack on him is almost impossible. Once he spots you, he’ll summon 8 minions. This is a tricky fight in a small, enclosed space so be careful of positioning so you don’t limit your spell usage too much. After combat, Loot Carrion for the Staff of Cherished Necromancy and armour of the Sporekeeper. Thrumbo will turn up, very happy that Mystic Carrion is gone. He’ll reward you with The Crypt Lord Ring. Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant BG3 Quest complete.

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