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Find the Missing Letters is available during act 3 of Baldurs Gate 3. It is a side quest that involves Danzo, the Postmaster.

Missing letters? Who knows what secrets they hold? Should you even look? Let’s find out if curiosity pays.


Unlock the quest in Rivington by going into the Sword Coast Couriers. Speak to Danzo behind the desk. Apparently, Delivery is not guaranteed.

Ask him about the new policy and he will tell you just how much of a pickle he and his business are in. With everything going on in the main story making the roads unsafe his postage business has been struggling. He has tried to send letters via pigeon but it seems something is attacking them too and he’s lost some letters.

You can offer to find the pigeons for him. He is very grateful for your offer and promises a reward if the letters are not opened on return.

Did this pigeon steal the missing letters?


The best way to find the pigeon is to head up stairs and use speak with animals on the pigeon sitting on the barrel. Play along with Commander Lightfeather and ask him about his fellows. He will report that he has had birds down to the west, one rooftop away. That would be The Open Hand Temple.

He warns you to look out for the featherless wings.

The Temple Roof

I suggest you bring Gale with you for this.

Leave the couriers and head across the road to the Open Hand Temple. To get access to the roof you’ll need to head through a door on the left of the shrine then out onto a balcony on your right. Travel down the stairs and climb up some vines on the wall to your right.

It’s a rather large rooftop and you can find the culprit right in the middle. The culprit is none other than every bird’s worst nightmare, a cat with wings. A cat with wings that Gale happens to know. If you have Gale in your party, he will do most of the talking and you will be able to convince the cat to leave these pigeons alone.

You will also get a Ring of Blink. The ring allows you to cast the level 3 transmutation spell Blink which allows you to roll a d20 at the end of your turn. If you roll 11 or higher you cannot be harmed or seen until your next turn. It lasts for 10 turns and is an action to activate.

Be sure to check the nest again to pick up the bundle of letters before leaving.


We’ll talk about what happens if you open them later. To finish the quest without opening them, head down from the roof. You can head down the way you came or, you can jump down. You’ll take damage if you jump but you should be a high enough level to survive. Then head back across the road and talk to Postmaster Danzo. Give him the letters and he will reward you with 310 gold.

BG3 Find the Missing Letters quest complete.

Open the MISSING Letters

If you open the bundle of letters, you will have 3 letters to read.

One is a financial letter. Someone is trying to confirm how much tax they should pay but it’s very complicated.

The Second is a long letter talking about how both sender and receiver could profit from the war.

The third is from Danzo himself for the Zhentarim. He is talking to someone about the Iron Flask an Item you will have acquired from the find the lost shipment quest in Act I.

When you talk to Danzo after reading the letters you can mention this letter. He’ll be a little flustered and offer you a generous finders fee to forget this ever happened. You can roll Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion to push up the reward. He will accept your terms and you can give the letter back for 641 gold.

Curiosity stopped the cat and paid more in this case.

Find the Missing Letter BG3 quest complete.

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