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BG3 Find the Stern Librarian Ffion is an optional act 3 side quest within Baldurs Gate III.

A classic missing person’s case. In a certain establishment… Pre warning for those who are not interested in…shall we say the more adult parts of this game and have turned nudity off. You probably won’t be interested in this quest. There are some interesting connections to other quests to ponder but you won’t be missing any gear rewards.

The rewards for this quest are for those who are interested in the adult nature of this game.


Solve The Open Hand Temple Murders


Start the quest in Wyrm’s crossing by entering the Sharess’ Caress. Speak to the woman behind the counter, Amira and she will quickly tell you want kind of establishment this is. She will offer a particular service but regret to inform you that the staff member Ffion who usually does those things is missing. Amira happily offers you alternatives, however, you can offer to look for Ffion.

She is at first reluctant but doesn’t look a gift adventure in the mouth and accepts your offer.

Meeting the Stern Librarian Ffion

Investigate the Library

Amira will give you directions to Ffion’s room ‘Elminster’s Library’ and the key to get in so you are free to investigate. Head up the stairs, take a left, through the last door on your right. Up another flight of stairs and head to the first door on your right. You have the key so no need to pick the lock.

Though there are a few things of interest in the room to progress the quest you will need to look at Ffion’s journal that is by the bed. Click to read it and it will reveal that that Ffion was afraid of something or someone from The Flophouse, an establishment nearby. That is the next port of call.

The Flophouse

The Flophouse is around the back of the Caress. If you want to be a daring adventurer you can get there by heading out of the library by the door on the other side and going up the ladder. This will take you to the roof where you can head south and jump onto a balcony in the Flophouse. Your party may take some damage but sometimes the sacrifice is worth it for the timesaving cool factor.

Head inside and on your left, you’ll find a locked wardrobe. Interestingly you can use a key from the Open Hand Temple Murders to open it. If you have not done that quest and don’t have the key you can just pick it open.

There are many things to look at in the room but for the quest you will want to look at the bed. If you passed a Perception check you will notice blood under it. If not investigate around that area.


After interacting with the blood you will have to roll an Investigation or Survival check to see where the blood is coming from. These are not high difficulty and you should be able to find a body dead under the bed. You can pull the body out to investigate it further.

If you investigate the body, you will find a key that is similar to one you have found before but it seems that sadly the corpse belongs to Ffion.

Bear The Bad News

It might be a bit difficult to head back to the Caress via the rooftops and it’s not faster since you want to talk to Amira. You’re better off heading down the ladder in the attic and just walking across the street. Luckily, no one will stop you about being in the attic or anything.

Head back to the Caress and tell Amira about Ffion’s corpse. She will be saddened but mostly about the loss to business.

Your reward for this quest isn’t an item and is why I suggested to those not interested in the adult parts of this game skip this quest. You will have some free companionship from a pair of Drow twins who are apparently legends. You can enquire about other options for companionship too if you like.      

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