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Gale is one of the main character companions in Baldurs Gate 3. He can be found during act 1 over at the Roadside Cliffs. His main companion quest is one known as The Wizard of Waterdeep, which sees him searching for specific artefacts.

The companion is also a wizard based human character and can be seen with skills such as Arcana and History, which are both related to intelligence. Fitting for a mage.


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Gale is the wizard companion within Baldur’s Gate III. His backstory involves one with the goddess, Mystra. The Lady of Mysteries. Who is considered to be of a neutral good alignment and a power spell caster.

Typically Gale fell in love with her but things didn’t exactly go very well and in an attempt to impress her he ended up with a Netherese Destruction Orb trapped inside of him.

This said orb has the power to destroy all of creation and the only way to remedy it is to quench its thirst for power. By essentially feeding on powerful magical artefacts.


Gale’s abilities mainly focuses on intelligence, being a wizard, this would come natural to such a character. However, he also has a good amount of constitution, charisma and dexterity.







At level 2 the wizard is also able to go down two different paths. One being the Abjuration Wizard or an Evocation Wizard. Each has its own unique abilities that can be unlocked depending on your chosen path.

The Abjuration class will allow you to unlock abilities such as; Magic Missile, Misty Step, Mage Hand and even Counterspell and Fly.

The Evocation option gives Gale more increased damage compared to the Abjuration path, with Burning Hands, Witch Bolt, Shocking Grasp and Fireball.


Gale can be recruited from as early as act 1. After the Nautiloid ship crash at the Ravaged Beach. He is actually an easy one to discover as you will likely bump into him automatically as you progress through the area.

He will be at the fast travel sigil circle. Once you approach it our mage friend will teleport out of it and introductions will then begin.


In order to romance the wizard companion you will have to get on his good side, by this you will need to get his approval. By farming for his approval he will slowly begin to trust you more.

You can tell if he is starting to warm up to you as various new scenes should be unlocked over at the camp. The more approval you unlock the more scenes are triggered.

Gale is a wizard with intelligence and has a kind heart. So helping others is a great start to begin farming for his affection. This romance scene usually triggered once I had managed to reach the status of ‘high approval’ with him.

His romance could then be triggered just before venturing into act 2 and after the goblin celebrations. By this time there should have been 4 or 5 different camp scenes involving Gale.


As you continue through your adventures in both Baldurs Gate III and Faerun you will discover that each character has their own set approvals and disapprovals, depending on what dialogue option you choose in both side quests and main story.

These also affect how the character will respond to you. Continue to improve their morale and they will begin to like and trust you more. Obviously they will begin to dislike you if you continue to grow negativity towards them.

By choosing to either side with them or dislike them will result in massive consequences within the main story. These results will either blossom into romance or force them to leave your party altogether.


Gale is a kind-hearted mage with intelligence. So acting smart and helping others is a great way to gaining his approval. He will also appreciate any magical artefacts you collect for him.

One more way to gaining his approval is by having camp animals around and interacting with them. Pets such as the Owlbear cub or the dog, Scratch


To anger and frustrate Gale, essentially lowering his approval and getting on the wrong side of him, is done by farming for bad deeds. Refusing to cooperate with him or anyone else. Declining side quests.

During a said side quest opting for the negative and bad endings to each one will also startle him too. Along with refusing to bring him any magical artefacts.

Gale also dislikes those who he catches trying to read into his mind. So spells like Detect Thoughts is good to use on him. He has quite a few dialogue options and ways to displease him


Though some of this dialogue is likely to change with the full release. Here is a selection of different Gale character dialogue taken from a range of different scenes and cinematics

Introduction (First encounter)You’re alive. That’s unexpected. Last I saw you, you were laying in a crucible’s worth of blood, an intellect devourer nibbling at your ear. Glad to see my eyes deceived me. I’m Gale. Well met!
I Have Lost (When Gale fails to cast a spell successfully)Happiness is like a stray cat; sometimes it seeks you out, sometimes it ignores you. Tonight, I’m ignored. It’s getting late. I think I’ll turn in. Perhaps some sleep will do me good.
During the romance sceneI love this time of night. There’s an almost reverent silence that accompanies the peak of darkness, when you’d almost believe the dawn will never break
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