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Help the Cursed Monk is one of the many available side quests within Baldur’s Gate 3. It can be acquired at the Grymforge area.

If you are here because you found a spooky amulet in Act I then come back in Act III as this quest will not be resolved until then. Keep that amulet tucked in a pocket and try not to laugh too much.

Unlock the Help The Cursed Monk Quest

Start at the Adamantine Forge Waypoint in the Underdark and head south-east. Jump your way down the ruined steps. Turn your camera to the west and leap across to the platform with some stairs and head that way.

The Lava Elemental

You will find a room covered in lava and some of it will come to life and attack you. In order to beat the lava elemental you will need to lure it onto solid ground as it will heal when standing on lava.

Once defeated, jump over to the platform behind it and unlock the chest. Inside you will find the Sentient Amulet.

The amulet grants the level 2 spell Shatter, Ki restoration and the ability to talk to the sentient amulet. Equip it to start the dialogue.

The Monk

You will hear a spooky gleeful voice that may make you question this monk’s alignment and you will be given some options to give in and laugh along or resist. Honestly, this choice does not matter, whether you laugh along or not the monk will appear after.

He will ask you to take him to his granddaughter who waits in Wym’s Crossing.

Now you can choose to ask him for some extra information and make some Investigation and Insight checks to see if you can glean anymore information from him and the amulet. Once you are satisfied you can choose to keep the amulet equipped, keep it in your inventory or discard the amulet.

If you discard the amulet, you will not be able to  continue the quest. The other two do not make much difference.

The Open Hand Temple

Continue with the story all the way to Act III until you reach Rivington. There you will find the Open Hand Temple. Unfortunately, his Granddaughter isn’t in the temple but underneath it. You will need to head in, through a door in the back and down a trapped door in that back room.

Once down you will need to head through a door to the South then through a door on the west. You will come to a room with three sarcophagus. The one furthest from you on the left is the monk’s granddaughter. It seems that the monk has been in the amulet for longer than he realised.

Choices and Outcomes

If you interact with the sarcophagus then the monk will possess his granddaughter’s body. When you talk to him you will have a couple of ways to complete this quest.

Option #1

If you choose to bring the monk peace by bearing his curse this is a risky option. You will need to pass two checks of three checks, these checks being Wisdom, Constitution or Illithid. If you would like to go down that route, I suggest you save before this encounter as failure to pass these checks will result in a permanent -2 to your wisdom stat.

No one wants that, so use all the reloads and inspiration points you can.

However, whether you pass or fail you will gain the spell Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, a level 1 spell that knock’s an enemy prone. Even better you will be able to cast it for free once per long rest.

Option #2

You can refuse to inherit his curse. He is surprisingly understanding of this but it will activate combat. The other corpses in the room will rise and  you will be surrounded, however the battle will not be difficult. Once the battle is over the Monk will announce his cruel fate of being cursed forever and disappear. Technically the Help the Cursed Monk quest will be complete but you don’t get any reward and it’s a bit of a bummer after carrying him around for so long.

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