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Help the Devilish Ox BG3 can be found during act 3 of Baldurs Gate 3. It is one of the many optional side quests within the game. It is a quest that involves the Ox that can be first found during act 1. It is also recommended to speak with this character throughout each act.

By speaking with this Ox we can get accustomed with it until we reach act 3. Where the ‘Help the Devilish Ox’ quest can begin. Remember to have the Speak with Animals spell on hand.

Along your adventure you may meet a strange Ox. Maybe you should help him out or maybe you should just kill him. Who knows?

Unlock the Help The Devilish Ox BG3 Quest

The strange Ox is a character who will come back in each Act. The Help the Devilish Ox quest won’t technically activate until Act III but you should talk to him in each act.

Act I

In Act I over in the emerald grove. Use speak with animals to talk to the Ox in the camp. With an arcana check you will be able to tell there is something strange about him but the Ox is not quick to give up his secrets. You will need to pass a Persuasion, Intimidation or Deception check to find out more.

The only thing he will tell you is that he wants to get to Baldur’s Gate and is determined to get there with or without the people of the emerald grove. That is all you can get out of him in Act I.

If you are suspicious of the Ox, do not kill it here. There have been reports that if you kill the Ox in Act I it causes a bug where Dammon the Blacksmith won’t appear in Act II. He is a key character for Karlach’s companion quest and him not appearing will lock you out of the companion quest and a romance with her.

The Devilish Ox in BG3


In Act II of Help the Devilish Ox, like most of the recurring characters, you can find the Ox in the Last Light Inn, well in the Last Light Inn’s stables. Use speak with animals again and talk to him. He will not be happy to see you, nor will he be happy at you being nosey again. You will need to roll a Persuasion, Perception, or Nature check to get him to open up a bit more.

He will allow you to see some visions from his mind. It’s a gory sight that may make you think twice on this Ox’s motivations. You can choose to kill the Ox here, not risking it being alive. The Ox will take on it’s very slimy true form and you will be able to fight. It is surprisingly tough but it is only one enemy so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Looting it will get you the Shapeshifter’s Boon ring, which gives you +1d4 bonus to skill checks when shapeshifted or disguised and the Hat of Fire Acuity which gives you Arcane Acuity for 2 turns atter using a fire spell.

Killing him with give you Help the Devilish Ox BG3 Quest Complete in the journal.


Assuming you did not kill the Ox in Act II, you’ll find the Ox again in Act III in a closed stable in the south-east of Rivington. For the first time he is happy to see you.

He will ask you to sneak him into Baldur’s Gate. Though, obviously sneaking in a whole Ox is a bit of trouble he will transform into an apple to fit snuggly inside your pack.

Some players have reported that if you put the apple in your camp supplies by mistake, it can bug the quest so be careful of that. And, no, you can’t eat it and yes if you throw it the Ox turns back but he will attack you.

Sneaky OX Apple

Make sure the apple is in your pack and enter the Lower City. The quest will automatically end there. The apple will disappear from your inventory and you will get the Shapeshifter’s Boon ring. The ring gives +1d4 bonus to call checks while shapeshifted or disguising self.

Also in your pack you will find a slimy note from the Ox, thanking you.

BG3 Help the Devilish Ox Quest Complete.

You will see the Ox again at end game, happily telling you of the bloodbaths he has had and how excited he is to get into another one. Maybe you shouldn’t have helped him into the city…

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