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Help the Hag Survivors can be acquired during act 3 of Baldur’s Gate III (BG3). It is an optional side quest that can be collected over at the Old Galow’s Place

Victims of a villain you have faced before could do with some help. You’re not a one-time superhero, time to see what they are up to and what they need. After being rescued from Auntie Ethel, Mayrina makes a return.


Save Vanra Quest
Avenge the Hag Survivors


South of the Basilisk Gate you’ll find a notice board. Look closely at them and you will find a poster for an ‘Anti-Hag Support Group.’ Give the poster a read and it will tell you about a group that meet in the Barren Coop to support each other after Hag trauma.

Mayrina in Help the Hag Survivors

The Barren Coop

The Barren Coop is located North-East of the Hepside Strand waypoint. Unfortunately, the door is locked. Pick the lock and go in to find a note by a very irate landlord asking the anti-hag group to leave.

Search around to find a clue about the new meeting place. It seems it is now at a place that used to be owned by a man called Mr Garlow.

Old Garlow’s Place

Old Garlow’s is in the south-west of the Lower City. Head inside and find a group of three talking in the back room. A cutscene will play as you enter the room, they assume you are here to hurt them. They will be ready for a fight but a Persuasion or Intimidation check should calm them down.

They tell you that a Hag is hunting them and that their leader, Mayrina, has been hexed by the fiend. The woman asks if you can see her and do something about it. When you go up the stairs you can see that the cleric wasn’t joking when she said that Mayrina may not be as we remembered.

She has been turned into a sheep.

Mayrina cursed as a sheep

Unsheep Mayrina

Mayrina will struggle to tell you about a doll that may have something to do with her hex. If you look around the room you will spot a voodoo doll on the other side of the room. Fire at it with a ranged weapon. Be careful with spells as the floor’s rotting floorboards are easily broken.

The doll will not die but seemingly disappear. Run across the room and turn around to find the doll now by the stairs. Again, hit it with a ranged attack. The doll will then teleport to the doorway in the south of the room. Hit it again and you should have done enough damage to kill it. Mayrina will quickly turn back into a person and tell you of the traitor.

Said traitor also won’t waste any time. Stating how annoying it is that you broke his hex. There will be no talking him down so prepare for combat.

Kill the Traitor

Because no combat in this game is ever straight forward, the enemy summons 7 armoured crabs. They should be easy enough though due to their lack of health. You can reduce numbers quickly by pushing some out of the window and down the cliff. Others are standing on rotten floorboards as well. Take advantage of the terrain and you’ll have no problems with this fight.

Quest Reward and Hag’s Bane

After you can have your reunion with Mayrina. She may look a mess but she stands up tall, brave, and happy to see you again. She will inform you that a hag in the city has already snatched a little girl and ever since has been terrorising Mayrina for looking into it.

If you have already started the Save Vanra questline you can tell her that you have met the mother of said child and are already looking into it.

For your help Mayrina will reward you with the Staff of Interruption a 1-13 damage bludgeoning weapon. It has counterspell, a level 3 reaction spell that can make an enemy spell fail.

She will also tell you that she has been looking into Hags after what happened to her. That you can look in the safe behind her and take whatever you will need. In said safe you will find a Dried Fey Flower and the recipe for making Hag’s Bane. This concludes the Help the Hag Survivors quest.

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