How To Free Shadowheart From Nautiloid Pod In Baldurs Gate III 3

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As you wake up and find yourself in the Nautiloid, a ship ran by the Mind Flayers, and host to the Baldurs Gate III starting location. We will run across our second companion, Shadowheart, stuck inside one of the Nautiloid pods. This occurs shortly after encountering the Githyanki, Laezel.

Now in early access you could not free her. No matter how much you tried and no matter how much you investigated. The option to free Shadowheart was simply not possible. However, with the full release, now we can!


Daughter of Darkness (Shadowheart Companion Quest)
Freeing Shadowheart from the Nautiloid pod


Shadowheart can be found inside a rather large area with several forking paths and doors. As mentioned before, we will come across her after meeting up with Laezel. In this room there will also be an Elaborate Reliquary chest.

We need to somehow get this Elaborate Reliquary chest open. Our current co-ordinates should be X:5 Y:-362. Anyway continue through the strange looking door to the north. This will bring us to a room with another Mind Flayer pod.


Up the stairs and behind this pod is a Dead Thrall. Inspect this body to find an Elaborate Key. Which can be used on the treasure chest we just saw in the previous room.

Inside of this Elaborate Reliquary chest we can find some gold and, more importantly, an Eldritch Rune. The description of this rune mentions that it is necessary for some kind of machine. Shadowheart seems to be trapped in one such machine.

Proceed and speak with Shadowheart. She will be desperate for us to help her break free. Our ‘Gith friend’ will not be very pleased with us if we choose to rescue her. Inspect the machine next to the Mind Flayer Pod.


The machine will begin to power up once we insert the Eldritch Rune. Here we can also use the Arcana skill, if you have it openly available to you. This will, of course, require us to roll the dice and perform an intelligence check. If you succeed the roll the game will simply mention that it can be used to open a nearby pod.

Proceed and place your hand on the device and we will have to roll one more time. This time it will be a Wisdom check. Pass it and Shadowheart will be freed from the pod.


Then after the Nautiloid ship crash we will then find our half-elf cleric on the beach. Over at the X:262 Y:208 co-ordinates. She will also be marked on the map. Failing that, if, for whatever reason, you did not rescue her from the pod then you can find her at the Ancient Door.

Finding the secret alcove

The Ancient Door is the normal location, where she could be found during the early access of Baldurs Gate III. At co-ordinates X:286 Y:296. Here we can also find an Ancient Sigil Circle. Which is essentially the Overgrown Ruins fast travel location.


Whilst we continue to explore the beach we can also find other companions here too including Gale our wizard and Astarion, the rogue. At co-ordinates X:168 Y:265. Staying at these co-ordinates we can find a small ledge with a path below. Here there will also be some water too. A pool of sorts.

If we jump down to this bottom platform we will encounter a small alcove area. In this alcove section there will be a scuffed rock. Which will require us to pass a Nature check. If we succeed we can find a secret Ornate chest.

Inside of this Ornate chest there is several rewards including; Harper’s Notebook and the Harper’s Map. Choose to read this map to find a hidden cache. To the north.

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