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BG3 Investigate the Suspicious Toys can be acquired during act 3. It is an optional quest in Baldurs Gate 3. It can be found near Rivington.

Suspicious toys? Your brain might be going through a horror scenario but you can relax this is more of a case of children’s toys that shouldn’t explode.

Unlock Investigate the Suspicious Toys BG3 Quest

Head north-east of the Rivington waypoint and you’ll find Arfur’s mansion and Arfur having a bit of a spat with some squatters. If you detect his thoughts, you will find Arfur is hiding something strange in his basement. You can use an intimidation check to get him to give the squatters a room and after he will go for a drink.

You’ll be free to investigate his suspicious basement.

Finding Arfur in the Investigate the Suspicious Toys quest

The Basement

To get into the basement, head into Arfur’s mansion. Head to a set of doors straight in front of you and a perception check should reveal the entry to the basement. You will have to pick it open or use Knock.

There will be many, many traps to the point there’s no point in disarming them all. Split someone from your party and use gaseous form or misty step to head to the south-east of the room. Disarm the trap on the chest by the table and have a look in to find 40 gold and a blackmail note.

Read the blackmail note and find they are threatening Arfur into putting fireworks into teddy bears! This page also lists the pickup point for the explosives.

Check The Donations

Leave Arfur’s mansion and head east where you will find a dwarf taking donations. Once you have asked him what the donations are for you can use a persuasion check to get the dwarf to let you into the barn to check the donations.

Assuming you pass, follow him into the barn. If you don’t then prepare to get sneaky. Head down the stairs and to the right to find a crate of teddy bears. In order to investigate it safely you will have to pass a slight of hand check. You will be able to confirm that there are indeed explosives in the bears.


Head north and into Sharess’ Caress. Head through a set of curtains on the right into a room where a bard is playing and a dancer is performing. You will find Arfur there.

When you call him out, he offers you some gold to forget what you found. You’ll need to use an Intimidation check to get him to tell you who has been blackmailing him. He says he doesn’t know but tells you to head to the firework shop that he picks up his packages from. If you want you can take some of his money too.

Felorgy’s Fireworks

Head into the Lower City and south-west of Basilisk’s Gate. Once you step into the fireworks shop talk to the Clerk Avery. You will quickly realise that he has a tadpole and this is an operation run by the absolute. You can convince him to hand you a bottle of Alchemist’s fire and tell you a bit about what they are up to.

In terms of the quest it’s quite strange. Normally, you are able to talk your way through these situations or at least have a sneakier way of dismantling the operation but multiple sources say that the only way to complete this quest is to kill everyone in the building.

Take Down the Operation

Though there are a lot of enemies in the Fireworks shop it’s not as hard to take them out as you may think. Head up to the first floor using the password that Arfur gave you. You won’t be able to go up to the second with that but you will be able to sneak up there. Once you have. You will see that there are a number of explosive barrels around. If you throw fire spells at them you can use them to take out most of the enemies or at least chop off a good amount of their HP.

Watch out for Avery, he will also not hesitate to use the explosive barrels against you so I suggest you use them as fast as possible against the enemy to avoid taking that damage yourself.

This then completes the Investigate the Suspicious Toys BG3 quest.

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