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A half-elf druid with a past of death and torment, Jaheira is a seasoned character who has been featured throughout the Baldurs Gate series. With her tragic past and centuries of experience, Jaheira is an excellent companion to add to your camp, and in this article, we will detail everything you need to know about Jaheira in Baldurs Gate 3, from her backstory to her approvals. So, shall we take a look?


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Jaheira Backstory

Jaheira is a very nostalgic character for long-time Baldurs Gate fans, appearing throughout the Baldurs Gate series. She also re-joins her old companion Minsc. However, her particular story is one of tragedy and pain.

Over one hundred years before the events of Baldurs Gate 3, Jaheira had to comprehend both the death of her parents and her husband. In this third entry into the series, her objective is to help you take on the challenges that Faerûn holds. 

Jaheira describes her own goals in Baldurs Gate 3, stating:

“This city is a blight on the landscape. Better to have let the land grow wild.”


When you first recruit her, Jaheira has the following abilities:

  • Strength- 10
  • Dexterity- 14
  • Constitution- 16
  • Intelligence- 10
  • Wisdom- 16
  • Charisma- 8

Furthermore, as a Druid, Jaheira has access to the following subclasses:

  • Circle of the Moon- This subclass will lean into Jaheira’s ability to turn into animals.
  • Circle of the Land- This subclass focuses on Jahiera’s connection to nature, giving her access to powerful nature spells.
  • Circle of Spores- The circle of spores subclass emphasizes Jahiera’s power of decay and fungi.

Jaheira is a high half-elf by default, giving her access to a few nice bonuses. For instance, you’ll be able to increase one ability of your choice by +2 and another by +1. Furthermore, Half-elves have both dark vision and fey ancestry in their veins, preventing them from being put to sleep by potions, spells, and scrolls. Finally, as a half-elf, Jahiera has access to an extra cantrip.

As you level up Jaheira, you’ll gain access to a nice range of skills and spells. For instance, at level two, you’ll unlock “Entangle”, a spell that spawns vines from the ground, slowing any enemies in the area down. And at level 5, you’ll unlock “Call of Lightning”, allowing you to call a lightning bolt down onto enemies to deal massive damage. 

How to Recruit Jaheira in Baldurs Gate 3

You will first meet Jaheria pretty early on in Act 2. There are a few different ways that will lead you to meeting her, depending on how you play, but all avenues will end up with you traveling to the Last Light Inn, and ultimately running into the Druid.

However, to actually recruit Jaheira, you will need to play through Act 2 until you’re ready to assault Moonrise Towers. Once you’re ready to do this, talk to Jaheira and convince her to team up with you. This will allow you to control her during the fight.

Part of this mission involves taking down Ketheric Thorm. Once you’ve got him down to about 30% health, he’ll run away to the pits located below the tower. Before you jump down, speak to Jaheira and tell her to “Face Kethri with me.” Once she agrees, she’ll officially become part of your party, and after defeating Ketheric Thorn, you will be able to send her back to your camp.

Recruiting Jaheira is a very long and tedious process. But, she’s definitely worth recruiting due to her strength and power.

How to Romance Jaheira

Because of Jaheira’s complexity as a character, it’s unlikely that players will be able to romance her in Baldurs Gate 3. However, the game developers have hinted that all companions will be available for romance, so there is a possibility that an intimate relationship will be available should you gain high enough approval. 

Instead of trying to court her, players should focus on building a deep friendship with Jahiera. This will allow you to find out what she values, which could potentially open up avenues for a romantic relationship down the line. 


As a druid with an affiliation with nature, Jaheira loves and respects those who protect nature and respect the natural world for what it is. 
Other actions that will increase your approval with her include:

  • Acting courageously and displaying valor
  • Making decisions that uphold your morals and general justice
  • Being the decision-maker in moments of tension


Jaheria is a true neutral character, meaning she isn’t particularly impressed by nobility or extremely evil actions. Other behaviors to avoid include:

  • Harming nature in any way. Jaheira is a Druid, and by destroying nature, you are essentially destroying a part of her.
  • Acting maliciously or engaging in any kind of malicious behaviour. 
  • Acting deceitfully or making deceitful decisions

Combat Tips for Jaheira in Baldurs Gate 3

Jaheira is a very interesting mix of Druid, a versatile class, and fighter, who are generally pretty straightforward to build. It’s not exactly clear how these two classes will work together, but nevertheless, here are a few combat tips to keep in mind when controlling Jaheira in Baldurs Gate 3:

  • Jaheira thrives when she has fully replenished spell slots. So, before big fights, make sure to use long rest to replenish any spell slots.
  • On your opening turn, make use of your raw damage spells to severely weaken your opponents, and then follow this up with a bonus action to transform into Wild Shape. This will set you up nicely for your next turn.
  • Make sure that you are picking the right creatures for each situation. If you are taking a lot of damage and need a companion with a big health pool, choose a creature such as the bear. Whereas if you need more crowd-control capabilities, switch to something like the Deep Rothe.
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