Kill Raphael’s Old Enemy: Break Yurgir’s Contract – Baldur’s Gate 3

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Kill Raphael’s Old Enemy and Break Yurgir’s Contract are both act 2 optional side quest within Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). It also relates to both Astarion and Shadowheart‘s questline. It also sees us confront Yurgir.

Overlapping and conflicting quests are not uncommon in a D&D setting. Kill an enemy or save an enemy. Here’s how to do either.


Save Hope


In order to get to the quest Break Yurgir’s Contract you will first need to pick up Kill Raphael’s Old Enemy. These two quests also cross over with the companion quests of Astarion and Shadowheart. Since this is a companion quest for two different characters I would recommend that you bring both Astarion and Shadowheart along in your party. However, it is unlikely that Raphael will mention the reasoning behind the elf’s scars regardless of what action you take.

In order to get information on the scars you will need to travel to the city of Baldur’s Gate. Where Astarion will be eager to find Cazador and fight him. Thus continuing his quest.

So, in order to unlock the quest you will need to head to Thorm Mausoleum which is near the House of Healing. Rapheal will be waiting for you and he will task you to kill his old friend which is Yurgir.

Painting Puzzle

Getting through the Mausoleum will be tricky. There will be traps and puzzles. In the first room there will be three paintings with buttons next to them. Check for traps and disarm any you find before pressing the buttons in this order.

First press the one under the picture of the moonrise tower.

Second press the one under the picture of the man at an altar.

Then press the last one under the picture of a man and his army.

This will make the walls at the back slide away and allow you to continue.

Umbral Gem Puzzle

Beyond there will be an elevator to ride down. Head directly north and find a statue of Shar and another puzzle. The statue will not allow you to get close so you’ll need to head around to the left, skirting the edge to avoid getting hit by the blasts and find a leaver.

Pull the lever then head across the hall to a similar alcove and pull that lever. Skirt around the statue again and do the same on the other side. This will lower some lanterns. Interact with the lanterns to see some circles with gaps appear on the floor.

Separate your party so you are only controlling one character and guide them around the circle and to the umbral Gem in the middle. Once you have it the trap will disappear and you’ll be able to travel further north.


Once you have travelled further north you will find some skeletons to beat. It is possible to just sneak past them. Once you have gotten past them you will find a displacer beast.


If you hurt or attack the displacer beast you will automatically be put into combat with Yurgir and his minions. This is a tough fight with not only the displacer beast but Yurgir and 6 minions. You will be outnumbered. Sure it will complete the quest to kill him but if you do not want to fight there are other ways.

We can consider the boss fight option #1.

Option #2

Have Yurgir Kill Himself

If you don’t hurt this displacer beast and simply follow, it will lead you right to Yurgir who will be waiting in ambush. You will have a chance to talk and he will smell Raphael on you. He’ll reveal he is in a deal he cannot get out of and give you details of the deal.

If you choose to tell him that his followers are the problem and pass a persuasion check, he will order his minions to kill themselves but it won’t be enough. You’ll need to pass another persuasion check to get him to kill his displacer beast and a final one to kill himself.

This will then complete Raphael’s request, skips combat and gives you all the loot in the room.

Option #3

Free Yurgir

The only option that actually opens and completes the Break Yurgir’s Contract quest. Anyway follow the displacer beast and have the same conversation as option 2, only rather than saying there is a trick in the lyrics, ask to search the place for clues about the contract. Pass a persuasion check to get his approval.

Return to where you fought the skeletons and head west. Climb down some rocks and find a pit near the statue’s feet. There will be a book that will start a combat with rats. Kill the rats and low and behold one will turn into the last Justiciar that Yurgir missed!

There will be no talking the man down, even if you interact as Shadowheart and attempt to reason as a fellow follower of Shar. You will have to kill him.

Check with Yurgir

Check back with Yurgir and he will be thrilled to find his contract is completed though Raphael may have a few words to say about it. It seems that this will also count as quest complete for Kill Raphael’s Old Enemy and Yurgir will offer you all the treasure in the room as payment for killing the last Justiciar.

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