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Lae’zel is an incredibly interesting and powerful character in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially in the opening stages of the game. In this article, we will teach you everything that you need to know about Lae’zel, from her backstory to her recruitment. So, let’s take a look, shall we?


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The Githyanki Warrior
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Lae’zel Backstory

Lae’zel is a very interesting character in Baldur’s Gate III. She is part of the Glithyanki race and is respected as a powerful warrior among her people. She has devoted her life to defeating mind flayers, but her path forces her to question her very purpose in life. Throughout the game, she partakes in a quest to prove herself to Queen Vlaakith and ultimately rejoin her people. 

Here’s how the game developers describe this character: 

“Lae’zel is a consummate warrior, ferocious even by the standards of a Githyanki creche. Faced with transforming into the very monster she has sworn to destroy, Lae’zel must prove herself worthy of rejoining her people – if they do not execute her first.”

Lae’zel Abilities 

As a fighter, Lae’zel’s abilities focus on strength and brute force. At base, her abilities are as follows:

  • Strength- 16
  • Dexterity- 14
  • Constitution-16 
  • Intelligence-8
  • Wisdom- 10
  • Charisma- 10

Lae’zel’s abilities do get better as you level her up though. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Level One- At level one you unlock the ability to heal yourself. 
  • Level Two- At level two, you will unlock one additional action allowing you to take multiple actions pretty early on in the game. 
  • Level Three- At level three, you unlock the subclass. Arguably the best sub-class is Battle Master, which gives you access to a new mechanic called Superiority Dice.
  • Level Four- At level four, you’ll have the option of taking a feat or increasing your strength stat.
  • Level Five- At level five, you will gain one extra attack, an action surge, and a great weapon master ability. 
  • Level Six- At level six, you will get another feat or an ability improvement. 
  • Level seven- Reaching level seven will give you the ability to select two more maneuvers.
  • Level Eight- At level eight, you will gain one more feat.

How to Recruit Lae’zel

If you want to recruit Ley’zel, follow these simple steps:

  • Meet Lae’zel on the Nautiloid- During one of the prologue quests named Escape the Nautilod, you will actually meet Lae’zel just before you board the Nautiloid. You will be able to recruit her here but note that she will be separated from your party after you escape the Nautiloid. 
  • Free Her From the Tielings- Once you’ve escaped the Nautiloid, you will have another opportunity to recruit her by freeing her from a bunch of Tieflings that capture and cage her. You can take these enemies head-on or use spell checks. Once you’ve defeated the Tieflings, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit her, but if you don’t, she’ll wait at your camp.

Ultimately, recruiting Lae’zel is surprisingly easy, and you should be able to get her on board fairly early in your playthrough.

How to Romance LAE’ZEL

Lae’zel is a violent character and one who is not afraid to throw insults and show her dominance. So, to romance her, you need to align with these Githyanki principles. To give you an example, when it comes to getting rid of the tadpole, she will dismiss any alternative methods and agree only to Githyanki’s methods of removal. This might seem frustrating, but you can use this mechanic to your advantage. Essentially, any time you have the option to align with Githyanki’s morals, do this. This will put you on her good side, and help the romance along. 

You can begin to romance Lae’zel as early as Act I, so long as your approval is high enough. Once your approval is at an appropriate level, you’ll be able to talk to her at your camp, to which she will admit that she wants you. You can then pick one of two dialogue options, but both options will move the relationship forward. She will then visit you at your bunker for an intimate interaction, and your romance will officially be underway after a cutscene of the two of you spending the night together. 


To understand what Lae’zel approves of, you should learn about her likes. She likes the following:

  • Violence
  • Insulting
  • Side Quest rejections 
  • Martial Prowess
  • Determination
  • Being straight to the point and blunt
  • Direct Actions

Some examples of actions that will increase your approval with Lae’zel include:

  • Choosing to attack Taman and Gimblelock outside the Crypt during dialogue.
  • Tricking the Tieflings into letting Lae’zel go, and then attacking them.
  • Speak to the animals in the Druid Grove and intimidate them.
  • In the Gobling Camp, when you meet Sentinel Olak at the camp entrance, pass the Deceive/Nature option and then say “You can’t be serious” before flinging feces at the guards!
  • During camp dialogue, when Lae’zel says that she wants to taste you, tell her that you’d like to share your body with her. 


Likewise, it’s a good idea to learn about Lae’zel’s dislikes to get an understanding of her disapproval. With that being said, here are some of her biggest dislikes:

The following actions will decrease your approval with Lae’zel:

  • Confront her about her interrogation techniques with Zorru.
  • Outside the guard camp, attempt to persuade the guard instead of engaging in combat.
  • Refuse to kill Spike after torturing Liam.
  • Be sympathetic in any single way. 

If you want to build your approval with Lae’zel, it’s a good idea to leave her at the camp whenever you’re going to engage in conversations that she won’t enjoy. Alternatively, you may choose to leave her in an isolated area during these conversations instead of sending her all the way back to the camp. This will ensure that romance with her is still possible.

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