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Rescue the Tieflings is another side quest that appears in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). It can be started during act 2. It involves family members having been taken hostage. We will then be visiting both the Moonrise Towers and the prison.

There may be some other rolls that can be used during this quest but I’ve covered what I could find. Comment if you used a different option and the outcome you had.


Rescue Wulbren


There is a grand total of 4 NPCs that can give you this quest. Look out for NPCs called Alfira, Cerys, Rolan or Bex. All of them will tell you about family members or lovers having been taken to the Moonrise Towers and will ask you to go and save them.

The Prison

Once in the Moonrise Towers, head over to the left and down the stairs into the prison. You’ll find the Tieflings pretty soon but if you try to talk to them a guard will cut in.

If you have someone with a short-range teleport spell you can teleport into the cell and talk to them from inside, that will not alert the guard. If you do alert the guard, you should be able to get them to back off with a Persuasion or Deception check. Fail and you will have to fight.

The Tieflings will tell you to talk to the gnomes a few cells down as they seem to have a plan.

Make a Plan

When you first talk to the gnomes and if you managed to talk the guard away, they will be warry of you. You may need another Persuasion roll or Deception roll to convince them you are on their side.

Once you have the gnomes trust he will ask you to deliver him some tools. They have a plan and that’s all they need. You can try sneak into the warden’s office to take the particular hammer the gnome had before but he’s happy with anything with bludgeoning damage.

Note that you won’t get the item you give him back so make sure it’s something you don’t want.

Wulbren the gnome in Rescue the Tieflings

Execute the Plan

The Gnome will take the item and start breaking down the back wall of the cell. He’s pretty good at being sneaky about it so it may take a while for the guards to notice but they will and you’ll need to deal with them.

There will be 3 guards and the warden. It may be a tough fight but you will buy the prisoners time to escape. After the fight there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t head up to the warden’s office and take a look at the collection of loot that was stolen away from prisoners.

The Last Light Inn

Head to the Last Light Inn to find the prisoners are safe and sound. They will reunite with loved ones. Speak with Roland to get 451 gold. Talk to Barcus to get a Brilliant Retort, a bomb that can do 12-24 damage. Talk to Alfira to get a lot. First the Potent Robe, a rare clothing item with armour class 10. It has the abilities, Gregarious Caster which lets cantrips deal extra damage equal to your charisma modifier and Well-Likes and Well-Fortified which grant temporary hit points equal to your charisma modifier at the start of your turn. A scroll of cone of cold, scroll of feigned death and scroll of haste. As well as various potions.

Without Combat

Is there a way to get through this without combat? As always there is but this one is tricky and more dependent on your character’s build than most. The key to being able to get through this without combat is being able to slow down the guards and get into cells. With a short-range teleport you will be able to teleport into the gnome’s cell after giving them the hammer.

Follow them through the hole in the wall then use the stone wall spell on the entrance to slow down pursuit. You’ll find behind the cells there is a conveniently docked boat. While the gnomes go to free the Tieflings, you and your party should work on breaking the chains holding the boat in place.

Should you break the boat free in time you will be able to sail away and escape without having taken a life.  


Alfira is the tiefling bard who you may have encountered during act 1. Over at the Druid Grove. She can then be found at the inn during act 2.

Rolan is another tiefling who is located at the Druid Grove. Near the entrance. Easy one to spot when you first arrive during act 1.

Bex can be found underneath the bridge. North of the Last Light Inn.

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