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Return Rakath’s Gold BG3 is an optional side quest that can be collected during act 3 of Baldurs Gate 3. It involves returning back to the counting house and solving a crime relating to lost gold.

Promises of rewards if you find someone’s gold. Is it worth it or should you just keep the gold? Let’s find out.


The High Harper Quest


If you have Jaheira and have been following her quest The High Harper you will have entered the counting house at some point. You will have witnessed a heist. After the combat that followed, you can talk to Rakath and he will ask you to retrieve what was taken for a good reward.

Investigate the Scene

Since you are at the scene of the crime you can investigate to see where the criminals took the gold. You can find any one of these three clues that will lead you to the hideout. The first will be some footprints that after some investigation stink like the sewer. The second is a note, detailing that it has been taken to somewhere called the cistern and the last clue you can find is to raise one of the enemies with Speak with Dead and interrogate them directly.

The client wishes for us to return Rakath's Gold


Once you head into the sewer you can head west until you come across a room with two large, loud, mechanical pumps. There will be a puzzle you’ll need to figure out here in order to open the way to the cistern. You will find a note giving you a hint that you need to manipulate the valves.

The valves look like boat wheels. Interact with the water level valve on the left. Keep an eye on the top of your screen when you see ‘Perfect Water Level’ interact with the right Heat Level Valve. When ‘Perfect Warmth’ is reached the sluice gate will open and you will be able to continue.

Before heading through the tunnel, if you have Jaheira make sure she is in your party. You can find out more details on the High Harper walkthrough but there is a potential party member coming up that you will not be able to recruit without Jaheira in the party. Also prepare for a battle before entering.

The Cistern

Inside the cistern you will have some combat. It’s not the hardest but if you want to be able to recruit the ranger, Minsc, you will have to be careful not to kill him. Be sure to turn on non-lethal before striking the final blow to knock him out.

If you do not have Jaheira in your team, even if you do knock him out and break him free from the absolute’s control, he will believe you have killed Jaheira and attack you again. You will not be able to spare him a second time.

However you deal with Minsc, make sure you loot the halfling you will have killed in the combat. They will have a stolen gold bag with 10k gold in. That’s the gold Rakath is after.

Return or Keep?

Once you’ve looted your way through the sewer, return to the counting house and head back down into the vault. Rakath will be pretty much where you left him.

You will have the choice to give him back his money or tell him the money is lost and keep it for yourself.

If you tell him the money is lost you will need to pass an Intimidation, History or Persuasion check to make sure he is convinced. He will still ask for half of it back. You can just leave the conversation and never go back but that will leave an incomplete quest in your journal and I’m not a incomplete walkthrough.

Give him the 5000 and you’ll get 2607 back and a key to a vault. Head east, across the room and find a safe the key will open. Inside you’ll get the very rare light armour, Elegant Studded Leather. It has an armour class of 14, gives +2 to initiative roll, advantage on stealth checks and can cast shield.

If you give him the money, the whole amount. You’ll get…the same. But at least you can pat yourself on the back that you were a good person.  

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