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Shadowheart is a Half-Elf and Tricky Domain Cleric in Baldurs Gate 3. She is the only survivor of the holy mission ordered by the Mistress of the Night and devotes utmost loyalty to Shar. 

Aside from her really interesting backstory, Shadowheart is a great companion in Baldurs Gate 3 and acts as a refreshing change from other companions like Astarion. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this Half-Elf, so you can decide whether or not she’s the right companion for your team.


Daughter of Darkness (Companion Quest)
How To Free Shadowheart From The Nautiloid Pod

Shadowheart is an origin character, meaning that you can play as her during the game. Alternatively, you can choose to play a different character and recruit her as a companion instead. 

Shadowheart Backstory

Shadowheart is described as an Acolyte, and her whole background is essentially her devoting her life in service to a temple, memorizing sacred rites as well as giving sacrifices to the gods. If you choose her as an origin hero, you will not be able to alter her backstory. 

In the game, this is how Shadowheart’s backstory is described:

“One of Shar’s dark disciples, Shadowheart was sent on a suicide mission to steal an item of great power. While wrestling with her faith and strange, untamed magic, Shadowheart has enemies on all sides – and a long-buried secret to uncover.”

Shadowheart Abilities

At base, Shadowheart’s abilities are as follows:

  • Strength- 10
  • Dexterity- 14
  • Constitution- 16
  • Intelligence- 8
  • Wisdom- 16
  • Charisma- 10

As a Cleric, Shadowheart also has access to a wide range of subclasses, like Tempest Domain and Nature Domain. However, the strongest sub-class is easily Life Domain, as it allows you to lean into Shadowheart’s strengths in support and healing. 

What’s more, as a High Half Elf, Shadowheart possesses a small amount of Feywild power, granting her the following bonuses:

  • A +2 and +1 boost to any ability that you want. 
  • A dark vision ability, allows you to see up to 12 meters ahead in dark environments. 
  • A firebolt Cantrip which can be used as a raw damage weapon, or a tactical tool to blow up oil spills. 
  • Fey Ancestry which prevents you from being put to sleep by potions, spells, and scrolls, and makes it harder for an enemy to charm you. 

Shadowheart also has access to some very powerful healing spells. For instance, “Bless” gives up to three creatures a +1 bonus to Saving Throws and Attack Rolls. Additionally, “Preserving Life” will restore health to allies at a rapid rate, which comes in extremely handy during tight situations. 

How to Recruit SHADOWHEART

You can recruit Shadowheart pretty quickly in Baldurs Gate 3, you can first meet her within the Nautiloid during the prologue. Where she is trapped inside of one of the mindflayer pods. Alternatively you can also catch her at the Ravaged Beach after the ship crash.


Choosing to free Shadowheart from the pod whilst you are on the Nautiloid may require a bit of exploration. To unlock the pod, you’ll need to find and place a unique rune in the nearby console. Although, depending on your class, you may not need a rune. 

Once you’ve done this, exit the Nautiloid. You’ll find Shadowheart lying unconscious on the Ravaged Beach. If you approach her, she will thank you for freeing her, and then ask to join your party. Then, all you need to do is agree!


However, if you have already played this part of the story and didn’t free Shadowheart from the pod, you can still recruit her at a later date. Just head to the entrance of the Dank Crypt. Her location is the same as the early access and can be found next to the teleport sigil at the Ravaged Beach. From there, she will offer to join your party.

How to Romance Shadowheart in Baldurs Gate 3

Unlike other companions in the game, such as Lae’zel, to romance Shadowheart, you will need to kill her with kindness. 

To gain Shadowheart’s approval, you’ll need to respect her personal boundaries. As she is a member of the Trickery Domain, she also highly values secrets and curiosity, so confiding in her will definitely get you on her good side. Her background also causes her to adore when characters use a combination of cunning and wit to resolve conflicts, and much prefers this method to outright violence. 

Furthermore, Shadowheart adores players who have mastery over secrecy and stealth. So, whenever you upgrade your skills of persuasion, insight, religion, or deceit, you will increase your approval with Shadowheart. 

Actions of pure violence and cruelty don’t sit well with Shadowheart, and engaging in such actions will lower your approval of her. Examples include telling your group that you trust Astarion and engaging in any of Lae’zel’s dialogue options. 

So, in short, if you want to romance Shadowheart, then go down the stealthy route, confide in her, and do the opposite of what Lae’zel suggests!


Here are a few examples of actions that will increase your approval with Shadowheart in Baldurs Gate 3:

  • Rescuing her from the pod in the Nautiloid will get you off to a great start with Shadowheart, so if your goal is to romance her, this should be a priority.
  • When at your camp, tell Shadowheart that finding the healer is your top priority. 
  • Confront Lae’zel after your first encounter with Zorru by asking her if she intends to be rough with everyone she encounters. 
  • When you find the Selûne chest, listen to Shadowheart’s advice by leaving the treasure alone. 
  • Question why Astarion attacked Gandrel and explain that there was no need to kill him. 


Committing to the following actions will decrease your approval with Shadowheart:

  • Shadowheart has a rivalry with Lae’zel. So agreeing with her on pretty much anything is going to annoy Shadowheart and decrease your approval with her.
  • Walking in on the two trolls making love in the Blighted Village.
  • During her first night in camp, Shadowheart will tell you to be careful with Gale. Selecting the dialogue option, “If anyone has me concerned, it’s you. You haven’t exactly been open about yourself” will not go down well. 
  • When you’re at the gauntlet of Shar, peer inside her mind as she is praying to Lady Shar.
  • Call Shadowheart’s faith evil during a prolonged dialogue at the camp.
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