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Stop the Presses is an optional act 3 quest in Baldurs Gate 3. It involves finding and speaking with Estra Stir. A journalist.

Even the D&D world has its own media. Do you trust them to write about you?


To begin this specific quest head near a noticeboard in the south of the Lower City and you will find an NPC called Estra Stir. She’s a journalist for the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette. She will tell you that the next issue will be all about you though is cagy on the details and leaves before you can ask more.

How flattering…maybe. You need to check they got all your best qualities written down.

Meeting Estra Stir in Stop the Presses BG3

Stop The Presses

You can find the HQ for the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette south of the Elfsong Tavern. Head in and go to a gated door on your right. It is guarded. To enter sneak behind the guard, you will be able to pick the lock. If you get caught going in, just leave the conversation and step out of the elevator and sneak back in again. Only take one person down to the basement and be ready with some high stealth rolls and potions of invisibility. Also save.

The Basement

Steel watchers will patrol the basement, stay in sneak, and wait for your moment to follow the closest one down to a set of double doors. Hide in that room until you have the chance to sneak behind the second watcher.

You’ll want to take a small detour into a room on your right. In there you will find something called ‘The Cutest Cat You’ve Ever Seen’ be sure to pick that up. You can pick up other things you may find on the way too but that one is important.

After that, open the door, hide, and wait for your chance to sneak out again. There will be a room in the middle of the hall on your right you can hide in. Wait until the second watcher passes and then sneak to the door at the end of the hall.

Head on through and be sure to close the door behind you so you don’t get spotted.

If you get caught at any point during this section, try to use a potion of invisibility and run. The steel watchers can use see invisibility but if you managed to get into the next room and close the door, they should stop looking for you. However, see invisibility is a long-lasting spell so it will stop you from just being able to ‘invisible’ your way out after you have done what you need.

The Printing Press

If you freed Dolly from the lantern in Act II. You can interact with the printing press and it will start to speak. It will tell you about the next edition being a bit damaging for your reputation and offers to change up the article.

If you did not free Dolly, you just get a prompt to change the article. Either way you will need to find a new article.


If you have been looting on your way here and even looking around this room you may  find multiple articles to use. Researching this quest there seems to be conflicting stories on what damages your reputation and what doesn’t. You can find an article that paints you in a positive light and says it boosts your reputation but some players have reported it still damaging their reputation.

This may be due to a bug. However, it is currently unknown. So to be safe and to help gurantee that your reputation will not be tarnished, it is recommended that you go with the ‘Cute Cat’ article.

Give the new article to the press and head home.


To escape the presses without being spotted you’ll have to do everything you did to get in, in reverse. It is easier if you use invisibility. Obviously do not use the invisibility if you got spotted on the way in and one of the watchers activated see invisibility. At that point you are stuck with some good old sneaking so just make sure to save and be careful.

Sneak passed the Steel Watchers again, head into the elevator and flip the lever. Leave and pretend nothing happened.

Take a long rest and see what happens once the paper is out in the morning.

And with that Stop the Presses BG3 quest is complete.

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