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The Hellion’s Heart is an optional side quest within Baldur’s Gate III (BG3). Which can be triggered during both act 1 and act 2. However, this is all dependant on events that take place within the Emerald Grove. It is a companion quest for the character Karlach.

After recruiting the tiefling Karlach she will quickly show you, her problem. A problem that can be somewhat solved if you find a certain person and items.

Unlock the Hellion’s Heart Quest

Unlock the quest, The Hellion’s Heart, by working your way through the Hunt the Devil quest. Obviously, side with Karlach and recruit her on to your team. If you have Wyll also you will want to avoid him killing her and try to talk them through the confrontation. It is best that you leave the ‘Blade of Frontiers’ back at the camp before triggering anything regarding the barbarian tiefling.


After telling you about her infernal engine, Karlach will tell you about a mechanic called Dammon who may be able to help.

You can find Dammon west of the Emerald Grove. After examining Karlach he will see the problem and ask you to bring him some Infernal Iron to be able to work on it.

(Note: If you fail to speak with Dammon during act 1, you can then find him at the Last Light Inn during act 2)

There are currently 7 known Infernal Iron locations, however you will only need 2. I’ve listed two places to get it here. One that is hard to miss due to plot and one that is generally your easiest option. There will be a list of alternative places at the end.

Finding Dammon in The Hellion's Heart BG3


Infernal Iron #1

You can find an Infernal Iron in the Goblin camp. If you have the waypoint there you should use it if not travel east, through The Blighted Village.

If you have not been here before you may be in for some tough battles. The Goblin camp is very much one of the toughest areas in Act I. You’ll need to enter the sanctum and head north. Head left around the shrine and up some stairs in front of you. There will be a locked door. Pick it or break it down. Inside will be a treasure room.

There will be other pieces of nice loot, including, the amulet of Selune’s chosen and the gloves of the growling underdog. Most importantly, you will find your Infernal Iron.

Return to Dammon

If you give the iron to Dammon he is able to use it to make Karlach more comfortable and slightly less likely to explode. However, it won’t be enough to completely cure her. He says he will work on a solution and you should keep all the Infernal Iron you find then give it to him in Baldur’s Gate later.

Sadly, that is not when you next see him. Continue with the plot until you end up in the Last Light Inn, in the shadow-cursed Lands in Act II.  He will be happy to see you but again request that you find him some Infernal Iron to work with.

Infernal Iron #2

You’ll find the second piece of Infernal Iron on the west side of the map at the Masons Guild. It will be literally sitting on a table for the taking. Make use of the Alt button that shows everything interactable in an area to help you find it.

Upgrade Karlach

Give the Iron to Dammon again and he will again use it to upgrade Karlach’s heart. This time it will work much better and the heat of her engine will go down so much that you can even give her a hug. Sadly, it is not a complete cure as Dammon says though what he did helped, she will still die if she does not return to Avernus, eventually.

Karlach’s fate in that respect will be chosen for you at the end of the game but that is all for her companion quest.

Alternative Infernal Iron Locations


In Act I you can find Infernal Iron in:

The Blighted Village, in the blacksmith’s Cellar.

The Grymforge, you will need to help Stonemason Kith to receive it as a quest reward.

The Zhentarim Hideout, in a small chest at the back of the hideout.

The Blighted Village, There’s another piece outside the Masonry in the blighted city. It’s sitting on a workbench or block of stone. (Thanks to: Duane)


In Act II you can find Infernal Iron in:

The Gauntlet of Shar, in a locked treasure room.

The Gauntlet of Shar, on the corpse of Rapheal’s Old Enemy Yurgir.

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  1. There’s another piece outside the Masonry in the blighted city. It’s sitting on a workbench or block of stone.

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