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The High Harper is another one of the Baldur’s Gate III (BG3) companion side quests. It is a quest that can be unlocked and triggered during act 3.

You thought this late into the game you had all the companions? Think again. Meet Jaheira the druid, a returning character from earlier instalments in the series. Both Jaheira and Minsc are reunited once again, for another adventure.


Return Rakath’s Gold Quest

Unlock the High Harper Companion Quest

You can unlock the High Harper companion quest by recruiting Jaheira in Act 2 by convincing her to join you to battle Ketheric Thorm. If you talk to Jaheira after in your camp she will tell you of the Harpers. A group of informants on the way to Baldur’s Gate that may help you get a jump on the enemy.

The DanCing Axe

Find the Dancing Axe in Wym’s Crossing. Make sure you have Jaheira in the party before going to talk to the dwarf behind the counter. She will quickly interject on the conversation and the Dwarf will give you the key to the harper hideout without needing any rolls. Head through the double doors on your left and down the hatch.

We meet the Harpers in The High Harper BG3 companion quest

The Harpers

Speaking to one of the Harpers it’s clear there’s something wrong whether you pass the Insight check or not. Jaheira will subtly let you know that something is amiss but if you don’t quite get the hint, you can probe her thoughts to confirm. Your best option is to start combat.

You’ll have help from an NPC and be against 4 enemies. You’ll out number them and shouldn’t have too much trouble taking them down. Speak to the nervous Harper again after combat and he’ll explain how some of their number got replaced by doppelgangers.

Speak to Jaheira again after and she will tell you who she is really looking for, her friend Minsc another familiar name to those who have played the other Baldur’s Gate games. She will need time to think until you hit the city.

THE CITY OF Baldur’s Gate

Once you have entered Baldur’s Gate proper you can talk to Jaheira and she says you should go to the Nine-fingers Keene for information next. Nine-fingers are set up in Baldur’s Gates sewers. You’ll be able to find a manhole near Basilisk’s Gate to go down.

Once you’re down you’ll need to destroy the wall to your right and head through. Keep traveling west then up a staircase on your left. You’ll find a locked door at the end. Pick it open and enter the guildhall. Take a left, then a right and go through the door on your right.


Keene will reveal that she is after Minsc too but for a very different and much more deadly reason. But the fact that she knows where he is, is telling. Jaheira suggests asking people in her guildhall to get the answer.

Head further into the guild and find a dwarf by the name of Tut Thistlebog who seems to have had just the right amount of drink to give you the information you want. Jaheira will help but you will need to pass an Intimidation, Deception or Persuasion roll to get the information you want.

Should you pass, Tut will happily reveal that the ambush on Minsc will happen at the counting house.

The Counting House

Once you have entered the counting house talk to the clerk. He will seem nervous. You can use a persuasion check to get him to tell you why then a Persuasion, Deception, or Intimidation check to get him to give you a vault pass. The pass will get you passed all the guards without having to fight so it’s best to get. Use as many inspiration and bonuses you can.

Head to the door in the centre and show the guard that talks to you your pass. There will be many tempting things to take but it’s best you stay focused for now. Head further into the vault and again show the second guard that stops you your pass. Head through the vault door.

Floor Puzzle

You’ll come to a room with a 3X3 grid. The hint for this puzzle is that you will need something from the head banker but I can just tell you instead.

Click on the tile on the top left, then top right, the middle, then middle right. This will open up the next door.

The Inner Vault

You are treated to a wonderful cutscene on entering the next area. You will find out why Minsc has been doing some questionable things and be in combat before you know it. After the combat and a conversation you will be able to look around to see if you can find a lead to where Minsc went.

There are a number of things you could find in the room that will direct you to the sewer. You can speak with dead, find a note and check stinking footprints.


Head back into the sewers and west of the Nine-fingers guildhall. Once you find a waypoint head north. When you are heading down into the green gassy tunnel, be sure to make sure you are rested and ready for combat. You’ll find Minsc at the end. Minsc will notice you and combat will start without time to talk.

You will need to set to non-lethal when fighting Minsc during this combat. You can just knock him out.

Minsc and Boo recruited in The High Harper companion quest

Once combat is over you can save Minsc from the influence of the Absolute and iron out his confusion about the Jaheira double. After that, though he will notice something is missing.

He’ll run off, follow him as he runs around and eventually you will be drawn into a cutscene. Minsc will introduce you to his friend Boo and you will have gained the two of them as companions. (Note: If you ended up killing Minsc during combat you will, of course, fail to be able to recruit him)

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