Visit the Emperor’s Old Hideout – Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

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Visit the Emperor’s Old Hideout is an optional BG3 Baldurs Gate III side quest. It can be started during act 3. In the city Lower section.

As you travel around Basilisk’s gate the voice of the emperor will call to you. Do you want to visit his old haunts?


To unlock this quest, head north from Basilisk’s gate and pass by the Elfsong Tavern. The emperor will recognise the establishment and wonder if any of his old things are still there. He will suggest you go to check as some of them might be useful to you.

Find The EMPEROR’S OLD Hideout

Enter into the Tavern then into the kitchen on the right. Travel down the stairs into the basement. You will load straight into combat with 18 rats. The hygiene rating of this establishment is to be questioned.

There might be a lot but they are just rats, you should be more than a high enough level to be able to spam aoe and kill them in one hit. After combat, the emperor will tell you about a hidden door in the wine cellar.

Take the left door and press the button on the right wall. Then leave and enter the other door in the room. The button will have opened a passage through a large barrel.

Before you enter the door to the room, rest. You may need the spell slots.

The Githyanki of the Visit the Emperor's Old Hideout

Clear The Room

Once you enter the room you will find a group of Githyanki in there. You should go into sneak and cast whatever preparation spells you may need for a long-drawn-out fight. Once you are prepared enter the room. You will have a chance to talk before the battle but there is no talking you out of it, even if you have Lae’zel in your party.

You will be faced with 8 enemies. This is a tough fight. Many people have reported it being long and hard. The best way is the classic way, focus on the adds, especially spellcasters as they are the ones responsible for making this a long-drawn-out fight. If you can break their concentration as soon as possible then you will have a much easier time going forward.

Also, the main enemy is a druid and will turn into a bear so once they have transformed you only have to worry about physical attacks. With no back-up in bear form the enemy will be much easier to manage and finish off.


A long time later when you have fought through the Githyanki, loot the corpses and head to the north of  the room. Behind the statue there will be a button on the wall. Press it and a secret door will open.

The emperor will thank you for bringing him back to his room and welcomes you to take what you find. What you will find is:  

The Sword of the Emperor a Rare sword that does 5-17 damage with shapeshifter slayer and magical durability. Giving +1d4 damage against shapeshifting enemies and +2 on saving throws against spells.

Cerebral Citadel Armour, a Rare Heavy armour with an AC of 18, frightened Immunity and Illithid proception. Which makes the wearer immune to being frightened and +1 on Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma saving throws.

Cerebral Citadel Gloves, Rare gloves with Illithid Euphoria that gives a 1d4 to attack and saving throws when a target is charmed or frightened. Also +1 to strength saving throws.

From here you can either head out the way you came or go through the door on the left wall and head down into the sewers. There have been people who have found this room via the sewers but have ended up bugging their game slightly due to it. Be sure that if you find a random ladder in the Lower City sewers and you haven’t done this quest that you leave it alone for now.

If you have not been down into this area of the sewers before then be ready for some plot once you have made your way down. This then concludes the BG3 Visit the Emperor’s Old Hideout quest.

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