(BG3) Baldur’s Gate III – Cinematic / UI Changes (Patch 3 Vs Patch Update 4) Compilation Comparison

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Okay the Patch Update 4 has been out and available for (BG3) Baldur’s Gate III for a few days now.

Thus, as with new patch updates of course new content is added and changed.

So here we are compiling a page as well as video of the various different cinematic and UI changes that we have found, comparing Patch Update 3 and the latest (Patch Update 4)

What exactly makes Patch Update 3 so different from the latest update? What changes where made? Well lets see shall we…


There has been a few of these done compared to the previous patch. Most of which are probably noticeable. However, for those who may still be unaware or for those just generally interested, here is what we came across.


The Druid Bear that you will inevitably come across has been changed. The new Bear now looks much cuter, not sure it would accept a hug though hmm…

(PATCH 4 Version on the left)


When the evil Druid Kagha is threatening the poor child Arabella, you should notice that the Snake is now looking much more aggressive and menacing.

(Patch Update 4 version is featured on the right)

Also, whilst staying on this subject and which I did not notice until recently. The symbol on Rath’s shirt is also slightly different too. Hm…


Nettie’s poor injured bird also got some much needed love, as it too saw an update to it’s scene. It is now fully animated.

(Patch Update 4 is featured on the right)

As you can see we now get a lovely closeup of the poor bird. Don’t worry Nettie’s bird is perfectly fine.

Speaking of which the ‘Talk To The Dead’ ability was also somewhat changed to being something similar too. Here in both Patch 3 and Patch 4 we speak to Spike

A clear difference right here, and one in which we love. I especially love using this ability with Gale (since he is a Mage). One if not the main reason why I love Mage characters so much is because of their eyes glowing and the aura around them when they cast spells, as is shown here. It just looks so menacing and well I wouldn’t want to mess with a Mage really.


For some reason (perhaps this will be explained later), the opening cinematic now takes place during nightfall rather than daylight.

This is confusing as when the ship actually crashes, it is daylight. So I’m not sure why this needed changing I guess time will tell on this one.


At long last, the Talkative Skeleton (which you meet in the Explore The Ruins quest) finally has sound when you open his Sarcophagus or Coffin. You will probably need to check out the video above to really see the difference for this one.

The sound is a much welcome and needed addition, it also sounds rather menacing too which perhaps fits considering you are talking to a mysterious Skeleton ha!

Now they only need to fix the duplicate version of the scary Skele which appears unfortunately during the scene. Again check out the video for a better comparison of this one.


A new feature to the game, thanks to the recent patch update (Patch Update 4) is the inclusion of the Loaded Die otherwise known as the Weighted Dice.

You can find the option for this in the Settings Menu and then Gameplay. Basically what this feature does is either increase your odds of better die or dice rolls within the game, or for those seeking more of a challenge you can rely more on RNG and basic pot luck instead.

Having the option turned on allows users to roll different die numbers each time they roll the die

However, having the option switched off will make the RNG difficulty get increased. At this point rolling the die can result in getting the same numbered dice (or again die) in consecutive turns.

A nice option for those who may prefer an easier journey. Or for the impatient. As someone who likes to collect dialogue for the characters (which you can see here Astarion Dialogue and Gale Dialogue and basically do videos and pages on all of the dialogue choices, which sometimes includes rolling the die/dice) this feature comes in rather nicely. It of course is optional and isn’t something you NEED to use unless you want to.


Alongside the above changes and updates, the UI also saw some updates and changes too.

Including the following…


The looting (basically when you click on something to see what treasures it may hold) has seen an update.

Whenever you click on something, be it a dead body or otherwise, you will now be shown their inventory as well as a lovely picture of them too. How nice!

Below is what we are now presented with when we click on the poor body of Barcus (Rescue The Gnome). We still get the same items when inspecting his body, but now we get a nice little picture of him too

(Patch Update 4 featured on the right)


We now have the ability to Hide Completed Quests.

I’m sure when the game finally gets fully released there will be a ton of side quests to complete and unlock, so much so it may end up clogging the Quest Menu. Making searching for specific quests much more difficult. Thankfully the new Patch Update 4 now allows players the option to hide any completed quests. Wonderful!


Now after successfully completing a side quest, we are not only greeted with a popup notification of this. Instead we are now greeted with both the quest notification as well as a levelling progress bar too.

Thus just in case you didn’t know what level you are or how far you are until you hit the next level, well now you know.

(Patch Update 4 is of course featured on the right) Both images show the completion of Rescue The Gnome but only one of them has the progress bar.


Merchants and Vendors now have the ‘Attitude’ option under them when you barter with them.

I’m still not sure how to increase or decrease these bars. I’m assuming it is all down to how often they are used and that you try not to steal from them. Though, stealing from merchants can be fun I’m sure it will inevitably have an impact on this.

Perhaps if the bar is rather high then the prices will be lowered when you purchase something. Same if you were to sell to them too, in which case you can sell for more.

We personally have not done enough experiments on this but still it is a nice feature. I’m still going to steal, no one can stop me MWAHAHAHA!


The newest cinematic scene which was added during the latest Patch Update 4, involves Astarion reading the Necromancy Of Thay book

Another new scene also involving the character Astarion, shows what happens when you let Astarion kill you during the Vampire Feed/Reveal


After being taken out of Patch Update 3, they where re-added for Patch Update 4.

You can watch the romances for both Astarion and Gale below.





The latest class to be added to the game is the Nature loving Druid. With the ability to shape-shift into animals such as Bears and the adorable kitty cat.

The Druid also has the ability to purchase discounted items from the Druid Grove merchants.


A new quest involving Kagha and the Druids have now been added. The quest is entitled as Investigate Kagha


The Astarion character Vampire Feed/Reveal scene gets a slight update (one involving death, which you can see above). One which includes some minor added dialogue which lets players know that Astarion was forced to feed on Rats by his Master, Cazador.

As well as all of that, Astarion (if you let him feed on you) also now shows blood dripping down his face. This was not shown during earlier Patch Updates. You can see a comparison picture between Patch Update 3 and Patch Update 4 below…

(Patch Update 4 version is shown on the left)


During the Mushroom Picker side quest, the character Baelen used to have a nice lop of black hair, despite the fact the Quest Journal said he was bald.

I mentioned this quite a while ago when I first created my page on the Mushroom Picker side quest.

It is now safe to say that Baelen is now completely bald. Shame, as he was kind of cute before…

(The latest, Patch Update 4 version can be featured on the left)


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