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A Chance Encounter is the chapter in Final Fantasy XVI that you start with, providing that you have managed to play the Final Fantasy XVI Demo prior to actually playing the main game itself. Once you have managed to boot up the game you will be allowed to transfer your data from that said demo. Thus allowing us to continue from where we left off.


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Final Fantasy XVI Transfer Data


From there we will have a few additional options on the main menu of Final Fantasy XVI, such as Continue and Load Game. Both of which will only appear should you have the demo downloaded and completed prior to playing the full version of the game.

Continuing on from the playable demo and we will arrive at the A Chance Encounter chapter of the main story. Here we will be following on from the battle between both Shiva and Titan. We will also be given new abilities too, such as Scarlet Cyclone and Heatwave.

We can equip the new abilities by going into the menu screen and scrolling over to Gear & Eikons. From there continue to follow the rest of the team. As we continue up the hill keep an eye on the left for a shiny object. This is actually a Stoneskin Tonic.

Squeeze through the wall and keep following the path to a Strength Tonic. Just before dropping down to the ground below there will be another Stoneskin Tonic followed then by another Strength Tonic.

We will then get a scene involving the Ice Dominant


The fight will begin and, at first, it will be relatively easy. Simply start by eliminating all of the Ironblood lackies. This includes the Crusaders and Commanders. Then we can focus on the ice dominant.

Shiva’s Dominant

The first phase sees her darting around and trying to throw ice projectiles. Simply play a game of ‘hit and run’ in order to avoid any damage whilst also inflicting some in return.

She can also cast a small AOE attack around herself. This attack basically acts as a small shield whilst also damaging those around her. You can see if she is about to perform this attack as a white patch will appear below you. Try to avoid it.

After staggering her, the second phase of the fight will then begin. This is where things get a little bit more tricky.

Blizzaga Ice Attack

The Ice Dominant now has a few new moves up her sleeve, one of which is Blizzaga. During this attack she will rain down several large ice shards. Getting hit by any of them will inflict damage. You can try to avoid this by moving out of the white circles that are seen scattered across the ground.

She can also cast a forward projectile ice attack too, damaging anyone who may be in front of her at the time. So again use the basic ‘hit and run’ strategy to finish her off.

For defeating Shiva we will be rewarded with 48XP, 200 Ability Points. Along with x2 Frozen Tear, x4 Potion, x3 High Potion and x10 Steelsilk.

There will then be a scene and we will be forced to fight Tiamat. Our Sergeant ally.


Tiamat also has two phases to fight through, though he is not as tough as the Ice Dominant and his abilities are also somewhat lacking.

At first it will just be a basic sword fight. though he does have a projectile attack. However, since this projectile usually only comes as a single attack, it should be easy to avoid.

Fight Against Tiamat

During the second phase and after the initial takedown Tiamat will unleash a new attack. An attack that emits a blue aura around his sword and is known as Enruin. This attack will see him swinging his weapon around in a flurry of attacks. Other than that though there is nothing much different from the first phase of the fight.

For having successfully managed to defeat him we will receive 94XP, 104 Ability Points, and 300 Coin. Alongside x27 Wyrrite and x1 Meteorite. The latter of which is mainly used for crafting purposes. We should also be at level 11 now.

Another scene will occur and we will be introduced to Cidolfus or Cid, as he seems to be known as. An older version of the wolf ‘pup’ Torgul will also be with him. This will complete the A Chance Encounter chapter, next up is Hide, Hideaway.

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