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Required for the ‘Careful Whisper’ Achievement

Here is the Waloed side quest in Final Fantasy XVI. Yes, it is one whole side quest. As it is the final area you unlock in the game you don’t get to spend much time with it. Many of the quests that take place in this area are mainly triggered in The Hideaway and therefore, count as Hideaway quests.

This by no means makes Waload a small area. Though you are able to pick this quest up and complete it naturally over the course of the Main Story, it will take more trekking than any of the previous quests that have followed the same pattern.


Basic (Non-achievement) Side Quests
Side Quests (Needed for the Careful Whisper trophy achievement) – The Dhalmekian Republic
Side Quests (Needed for the Careful Whisper trophy achievement) – The Hideaway
The Kingdom of Waloed


You pick up the quest in Waloed during the ‘Brotherhood’ main quest. You will come across it naturally while traveling down the critical path.

Pick up the quest.

Head north from Eistla toward Stonhyrr, you’ll pass a wounded royalist, speak to him to pick up the quest. The man will tell you his woes and ask you to fulfil his last request by taking his ring to his parents’ grave.

Traveling through Stonhyrr

The wounded man will mention that the forest you seek is ‘within the wall of Stonehyrr’ to get there you need to continue down the critical path and storm the gates. A bit further up the path you come to a gate that will play a cutscene. After the cutscene, not all the fights in front of the wall are necessary, you can hop on Ambrosia to run past a few encounters but she’ll kick you off as you get close and you have to fight a group of Akashic.

Gate Battle

Waves 1-3

The Waloed side quest features a long battle so buckle up. You will face off against 5 waves of enemies. The first is a mix of Orcish Fodder and Akashic soldiers. The second is some akashic hounds and more Orcs. The third is some akashic chocobo and soldiers. There first three waves you can just plough through. Use whatever eikons you wish and have at it. However, if you have levelled Odins ‘Blade of Darkness’ and have access to his level 5 Zantetsuken, you can clear an encounter of mooks pretty much instantly. So, I would use the first couple of waves to charge that up and get rid of the third with one swing.

Wave 4

The fourth wave is some soldiers and an Akashic Tognvaldr, one of those ninja-like enemies. Best tactic here is the usual. Get rid of the mooks so you can focus on getting down the Tognvaldr’s stagger to finish it off. Save your limit break for the final wave.

Wave 5

The fifth and final wave of this area will appear when the gate opens. Waiting for you will be Orcs, hounds, and an Orcish Warlord. As usual, get rid of the mooks then focus on the warlord. Be sure to keep an eye out for his teleporting tricks. For someone so large he is not slow expect an incoming swing if he is teleporting from range and an incoming shot of magic if he is teleporting from a close range.

Once that combat is over, you’ll be rewarded with: 11000XP, 470AP, 3200 Gil, 20 Sharp Fangs, 20 Steelsilk, 35 Magicked Ash.

Head to the critical path quest marker and enter Kritten Hollow.

Kritten Hollow

One of the most striking views of Waloed treats you as you walk through the gate and the objective for the side quest is just 550 or so yards to the left.


For extra, if you take the stairs to the left you may see an unusual coeurl wandering almost directly in front of you. This is the hunt mark ‘Bygul’. It’s a convenient time to cross this large cat off your list but if you are low on potions and would rather not, you can hop on ambrosia. Keep to the left and as long as you give the monster a wide berth it won’t bother you. There will be a hill directly in your way as you ride so keep to the left of that and you’ll be able to swing around nicely to the quest marker.

You’ll find the grave on a picturesque cliff, dismount your chocobo and interact with it to complete the man’s mast wish.

With that as quest complete, you’ll be rewarded with: 2800XP, 1200 Gil, 30 Renown, 20 Clutchmine, 1 Meteorite.


The Careful Whisper achievement relates to collecting all of the Patron items. These items are optional rewards that can be purchased over at The Hideaway. It becomes available after The Dame main story quest.

There is a total of 16 rewards that can be purchased from the Patron shop altogether. In order to be able to purchase them we need to collect Renown.

Renown is the currency for this Patron shop and can be earned by either completing notorious hunt marks or certain side quests.

Some of these rewards include crafting material, AP, accessories and more. Each reward has its own set renown currency. As you continue to unlock them you will be required to earn even more renown. So it is best to farm for it whenever possible.

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