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The FF16 Final Fantasy XVI Bloodlines chapter sees both Clive and Jill head for The Kingdom of Rosaria in order to claim their second Mothercrystal. However, they must first secure passage to the Iron Kingdom. In order to be able to do that we must visit the Rosfield uncle.


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We will now find ourselves at the Hawk’s Cry Cliff. An area full of familiar enemies such as Killer Bees and Wild Chocobo. Anyway continue to follow the path and there will be several shiny items for us to collect, including; a Gil Bug and 5 Gil

Our main key destination resides to the east. At the village of Amber. Proceed and cross the bridge for a small scene. It seems that the Black Shields have arrived.

Encountering the Black Shields


We now need to speak with some of the local villagers in order to find out what exactly the Black Shields wanted. Our first villager can be found just to the right of the entrance (Youth). Our next villager can be found by following the path north (Youth).

Continue to follow the path and we will reach another building. Next to this building there is a treasure chest containing a Goblin Coin, x10 bloody hides, and x10 pinches of magicked ash

Finding a chest in the Bloodlines and Amber village chapter

Okay exit the village now and begin heading north, towards Lostplume and the Shallop Rock. As we continue on we will confront several of the Fallen Hunters alongside more of the Black Shields and Bombs.

As you make your way towards The Baum Arches there will be a path that takes us south. Here there will be a treasure chest containing a Goblin Coin, x15 Bloody Hides and x15 Spools of Steelsilk

Moving on and continue down the hill. Here there will be more of the Black Shield and a bridge. Next to this bridge is a shiny item (x3 briar clam shells). However, when you approach you will be immediately ambushed by a bunch of Arachne

Try to cross the bridge and we will be confronted by a group of these said Shield members. We will have to fight them, do not worry though as they are just generic enemies. Nothing flash. We will get rewarded with 40xp, 20 ability points, 100 Gil, x12 wyrite and x8 bloody hide

The Black Shields are ever present during the Bloodlines chapter


After the scene involving the Black Shield individual we will be tasked with heading to the Auldhyl Docks. Head towards the gate and we can find another shiny item to the right, by the water. 3 sharp fangs. By entering through the gate we will witness a rather disturbing scene.

After that continue up the hill and Clive will mention that we are headed towards Bewit Bridge. By the chocobo and the actual bridge itself there will be a chest with x10 bloody hides

Visiting The Silken Strand during the Bloodlines chapter
Find yet more treasure

Making our way to the Quietsands we will find a beach, there is nothing of real interest here though so continue on to The Silken Strand. To find another beach and more beasties for us to deal with.

Explore this specific beach to find a small building. Next to it is a treasure chest containing 10 sharp fangs. Now we make our way to the main gate.

We will get another scene as we approach the gate. This will also conclude the Bloodlines chapter. We move on to Black Light Burns and our attempts at trying to find the entrance to the Lazarus District.

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