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Chronolith Trials Where and How – Final Fantasy XVI

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‘Trial Run’, ‘For the Hoard’ Achievements

The chronolith trials are the hardest fights in FF16 Final Fantasy XVI. When you find one in the open world, they bring you to an arena where you are limited to 1 Eikon with set abilities and no healing items. You have to fight through 4 stages, 3 with multiple waves and one boss stages in order to clear the trial.

There is a trial for each Eikon in the game, each one showcasing the strengths of a fully levelled Eikon. You only need to clear 1 of these for the ‘Trial Run’ Achievement but completing all 7 will unlock the last curiosity you will need for the ‘For the Hoard’ Achievement.

Each of these trials are timed with the only way to gain time being executing Eikon specific combos. There are also some specific combos and moves that universal to gain time through all the trails:

  • Punish
  • Precision Dodge
  • Ability Finish
  • Multi Burst

You can also earn time by getting a certain amount of bonuses a stage. Grab as many as you can to maximise your time. There are also general rewards for these trials they aren’t that exciting but I will list them below.

Easy clear method

All these Trials are doable on ‘Action-Focused’ mode but they are difficult. If you are someone who has struggled with the gameplay or someone who just wants the achievements as fast as possible here’s your method:

  • Leave the trails until the main quest ‘Back to Their Origin’.
  • Craft Gotterdammerung
  • Finish all side-quests and hunts to get to the highest level you can, suggested 45+
  • Swap game difficulty to ‘Story-Focused’
  • Equip ‘Ring of Timely Evasion’ (Auto dodge) and for all but Odin, ‘Ring of Timely Strikes’ (Auto combo)
  • Save limit break until the 3rd stage but activate early if your health needs a boost.

Trial 1: Hand of Hyperion (Phoenix)

This one can be found at The Kingdom of Rosaria. Then by travelling to Martha’s Rest. Here open the map and head towards Greenheaves

Where to find the Hand of Hyperion chronolith trails

Phoenix specific time earning moves:

  • Shift Combo
  • Rising Finish
  • Double Shift
  • Collateral Cyclone
  • Heatwave Counter
  • Flames of Punishment

Reward: The Favour of Fire Accessory (Increases Flames of Rebirth damage by 8%), 500xp

Trail 2: The Hand of Dione (Garuda)

To find this one we will need to fast travel to The Dhalmekian Republic. Then to the Krozjit Echoes.

Garuda specific time earning moves:

  • Deadly Combo
  • Deadly Takedown
  • Full Gouge
  • Triple Wheel
  • Precision Gambit
  • Collateral Blast

Reward: The Will of Wind Accessory (Increases Aerial Blast damage by 12%), 550xp

Trail 3: The Hand of Lapetus (Ramuh)

The Lapetus trail resides over in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. At the Caer Norvent River Gate. From there proceed to the Norvent Valley.

The Ramuh related chronolith trails (The Hand of Lapetus)

Ramuh specific time earning moves:

  • Singular Justice
  • Justice Discharged
  • Collateral Drive
  • Thunderfall
  • Striking Thrice
  • Collateral Bolt

Reward: The Favour of Lightning Accessory (Increases Judgement Bolt damage by 6%), 600xp

Trail 4: The Hand of Titan (Titan)

We can find this chronolith trail over in The Dhalmekian Republic region. Then north of The Velkroy Desert, towards the Northern Velkroy Desert area.

How to find The Hand of Titan chronolith trails

Titan specific time earning moves:

  • Titanic Rampart
  • Titanic Payback
  • Raging Counter
  • Perfect Upheaval
  • Perfect Windup
  • Collateral Fury

Reward: The Favour of Earth Accessory (Increases Earthen Fury damage by 7%), 650xp

Trail 5: The Hand of Mimas (Bahamut)

The Hand of Mimas chronolith trail resides over at The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Fast travel to the Royal Meadows. Then Cape Orsiere. West of the map.

The Mimas chronolith trails location. This one relates to Bahamut

Bahamut specific time earning moves:

  • Megacharge
  • Multiflare
  • Full Flare
  • Satellite
  • Collateral Impulse
  • Collateral Gigaflare

Reward: The Favor of Light Accessory (Increases Gigaflare damage by 5%), 700xp

Trail 6: The Hand of Rhea (Shiva)

The Shiva chronolith trail can be found over at the Waloed Kingdom. Then head to the Eistla region. Before then taking a trip to The Angry Cape.

Shiva specific time earning moves:

  • Snap Shatter
  • Permafrost
  • Collateral Rime
  • Collateral Mesmerize
  • Perfect Ice
  • Collateral Diamond

Reward: The Will of Ice Accessory (Increases Diamond Dust damage by 10%), 1500xp

Trail 7: The Hand of Enceladus (Odin)

NOTE: Make sure you are not equipped with ‘Ring of Timely Strikes.’ The best method to get through this trial is to change up ‘Zantetsuken’ to level 5 however the ‘Ring of Timely Strikes’ will automatically use it prematurely.

To find this particular chronolith trail you will need to ‘Zantetsuken’ your way over to the Waloed Kingdom. Then its off to the Vidargraes. Before then enjoying the scenery over in The Badbach Conservatory. East of the map.

How to complete the Odin chronolith trails in FF16

Odin specific time earning moves:

  • Level 5 Zantetsuken
  • Steel Counter
  • Full Gungnir
  • Full Cloud
  • Rift Combo
  • Perfect Steel

Reward: The Will of Darkness Accessory (Increases Dancing Steel damage by 20%), 1650xp

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