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In the Cid the Outlaw chapter of FF16 Final Fantasy XVI we continue our journey five years after the events of The Crystal’s Curse. Where the imperials are chasing and hunting for ‘Cid the Outlaw’. Even going as far as attacking the innocent victims of Hideaway.


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Unfortunately my personal favourite character has fallen. However, we now get to wield his power. The power of thunder! Clive has claimed a portion of the Eikon Ramuh’s essence which we can now use alongside both Ifrit and Garuda.

We get the power of Thunder during the Cid the Outlaw chapter

Feel free to get accustomed to Ramuh’s abilities. It’s rather good when you find yourself surrounded by multiple foes. Blind Justice is an excellent move for this. Allowing you to select up to nine targets and cause electrical damage to each.

Blind Justice causes electrical damage on multiple foes

For our first combat of this chapter we will be pitted against simple imperial minions. Nothing new here. However, there will be two waves of them as they will call for backup. Our fight after this is against the Republican War Panther.


This kitty cat is rather big but its attacks are rather basic. It often enjoys puncing around and clawing at your face. Typical cat behaviour.

It has an ability known as Savage which just basically speed up its regular attacks. Almost as if it was inflicted with ‘beserk’. In truth it should be an easy fight.

For defeating The Republican War Panther we will be rewarded with 840xp, 180 ability points, 3,000 Gil. Including; x1 lightning shard, x30 steelsilk, x30 bloody hide, and x1 meteorite.

Our next destination is over at Hideaway. In heading here we will also move onto the next chapter, Home, Sweet Home.


Our first taken when we arrive at the Hideaway is to go and visit Otto. As you can tell this place has changed during the past five years. It has expanded. However, after being attacked it did need some repairs.

After speaking with Otto we now need to go and pay a visit to the map room, in order to speak with Vivian. Its the room next to us. In The Mess area of the map. No need to travel very far.

Vivian will explain the current situation regarding the three armies. The Dhalmekian Republic, The Kingdom of Waloed, and the Holy Empire. Not to mention the allies over at Haearann. A lot has changed.


We now need to find and speak with Harpocrates, the historian. Who can be found at The Shelves, east of the map. We can get there by passing through the Main Deck. After a brief discussion we then need to head to the room opposite, Clive’s Chambers.

However, before we get there we will be stopped by Tarja who will mention a letter was dropped off by Otto. We can find it in our chambers. On the reading table.

We get our first missives letter during Cid the Outlaw chapter
Reading the missives letter from Gav

This is our first letter within the letter collectibles section of the game. It is written by Gav. However, not all of them are. Just our first one. Basically as we progress through the game we will unlocked new letters. Letters from various different comrades. Unlocking them all will net us with the ‘Pen is Mightier‘ trophy achievement

After reading the letter a scene will commence and the chapter will come to an end.

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