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Here we have a guide on the Final Fantasy XVI Fanning Embers chapter. Where we are about to leave The Hideaway for The Greatwood. Which is just east of our current starting location. The Greatwood is said to serve as a defensive barrier between the Crystal Belt and the Holy Empire.


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The Greatwood Map Location

Once you arrive we will be given a tutorial on how to control Torgal during combat. This includes using various of the available abilities such as; Sic, Heal and Ravage. Meaning that the Fanning Embers chapter is the first time where we can control at least one of our companions.

However, if you prefer to just run everything automatically then you can simply unequip the Ring of Timely Assistance from the equipment menu. This will then allow Torgal to act freely during combat.

Anyway continue on and there will be a scene. Keep an eye on the left for a Wyrrite. It will be next to the movable tree log. After moving the log we will get another scene, involving a rather nice view of the ruins below.

Once you regain control head under the tree that is blocking our path. On the other side is 2 Sharp Fangs. We will then get to fight a Dragon Aevis.

A Dragon Aevis

The Dragon Aevis should be an easy target to slay. It doesn’t have any fancy moves to worry about. However, I would recommend you to equip the Ring of Timely Focus as it will help improve your evasion. Just be ready to hit the quick time button that appears, with the R1 button.

For defeating the Aevis we will be rewarded with 12XP, 30 Ability Points and 500 Gil. Along with x1 Dragon Talon and x15 Sharp Fang.

Continue to follow the rather linear path and we will come across a Potion and a little further down the path is a Steelsilk

Eventually Torgal will attempt to run off. This will unlock the Animal Instinct tutorial, which is basically a new waypoint for us to use, should we get lost in our travels. We can use the ‘L3’ button to pinpoint our next destination. This is also a move that we encountered earlier on or for those that played the demo.

Continue on and squeeze through the trees and debris. On the other side is more trees and grass, as well as 2 Sharp Fangs. We will then be ambushed by Worgen and Vampire Thorns. This is basically the whole Fanning Embers chapter. A lot of searching through The Greatwood and dealing with familiar targets.

Squeeze through more greenery to find a Potion followed by 2 Bloody Hides. Our next fight is against Fafnir.

Fafnir Fight


The fight against Fafnir is not too difficult. Though you will need to watch out as this beast is rather fast. He is also capable of jumping around and rolling too. Your best bet is to aim for its head. This is where most of the damage can be dealt.

Once you have managed to defeat the first phase of the fight. The second fight will more or less be the same. Except for an additional attack that it now has. A move known as Spin Cycle. Where it will roll around in a large ball.

For defeating Fafnir we will be rewarded with 26XP, 70 Ability Points and 1,000 gil. Whilst our spoils will include x2 Gnarled Scale and x40 Wyrrite.

Fafnir Spin Cycle Attack

After the fight another scene will trigger and we will learn more about Cid. From there head into the cave tunnel and collect the Potion. At the top of the cliff is a High Potion and 2 Bloody Hides

Slide down the following path and you will be greeted by Hornets. The path to the left is a dead end so proceed and head right instead. Collecting a Potion along the way.

Follow the river stream to another Potion and we will encounter another Dragon Aevis. Along with our next Potion. Keep going to find a High Potion. A scene will trigger. Fight and defeat the Imperial soldiers.


Midnight Raven is the main target for this fight. He too is a fast individual and comes complete with a sword.

Scoring A Parry Attack On Midnight Raven

At first the Raven will use basic attacks. Which will include sword lunges and a host of acrobatic jumps around the area. Nothing too difficult right now.

However, midway through the fight and we will unlock our next tutorial. The Cinematic Clash, which was also part of the playable demo.

Basically the Cinematic Clash features exactly that, cinematic fights. However, there will be button prompts during them that you will want to time correctly in order to deal maximum damage.

This will then begin phase 2 of the Midnight Raven fight.

The Midnight Raven now comes with additional attacks including Raiton. Where he will conjure up several electrical pools onto the ground. Try to avoid them.

Another new move is both Futon and Assassinate. These moves are basically his combination moves. He will first perform the Futon ability which will allow him to teleport to another section of the area. From there he will try to catch you off guard with Assassinate. Which is a lunging sword attack.

His other new move is known as Katon. Which allows him to perform a fire based attack. It should be easy to avoid if you manage to move away or appear from behind. The move only inflicts damage to those standing directly opposite him.

For completing the fight we will receive 99XP, 90 Ability Points, 1,500 Gil, x1 Badge of Might, x30 Steelsilk and x1 Meteorite.

This will then conclude the Fanning Embers chapter and our next destination is over at Orabelle Downs

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