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In the FF16 Final Fantasy XVI chapter, Gathering Storm. We are told that our ally, Martha, who resides at Eastpool. A person that we originally encountered back during the Holding On chapter as gone missing. We now need to search for her.


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Head to The Mess, south west of the map, here we can find and speak with Otto. Turns out there was a fight over in Eastpool, outside of Martha’s Rest. So this is our next destination.

The soldier Clive over at Martha’s Rest

Open the map and fast travel to Martha’s Rest. Here we will encounter many of the fallen citizens and villagers. Nothing we can really do for them right now.

Head into Martha’s Rest and speak with the soldier here, Cole. This will unlock the new quest objective. Meaning we will be diverging away from our Gathering Storm storyline, for now.


Once you are done speaking with Cole proceed and exit the building. Head towards the elevator which should take you to Sorrowise. Follow the path and we will come across several level 19 Killer Bees. A bit weak really. I was level 25 at this point.

Anyway our main destination is over to the south west, towards Glaidemond Abbey. So cross the bridge and watch the scene. Once you arrive we will encounter the Black Shields. Minor enemies really. So nothing to really worry about.

For defeating the Black Shields we will receive 40xp, 20 ability points, 100 Gil, x8 valley madder and x12 wyrrite. For having completed the Dark Clouds Gather quest we will get an additional 250xp, x1 The Breath of Wind (Gouge) and x60 bloody hide

Explore the area around the abbey to find a treasure chest next to the building. It will contain x10 pinches of magicked ash

Head inside the other building now for another scene. We will also get our next quest…


We now need to make our way to Riddock’s Jump. Which is to the south, west of Crooked Nash’s Pier. We cannot cross the water so you will have to take the long way around instead.

As we head towards our destination marker we will encounter a new fiend. Though a somewhat familiar one to the series itself.


The Ahriman has been in multiple titles within the Final Fantasy series, one that springs to mind is Final Fantasy X. Where it was known to cause confusion to the party members and well, was a nightmare to deal with on a first playthrough. In this specific title it was also regarded as a One-Eye. Self explanatory really.

Anyway in Final Fantasy XVI the Ahriman is regarded as a notorious hunt mark. A Rank C to be more specific. It will also play as an introduction to our next section of the game’s optional side quests. This is also part of the bulletin board back at the Hideaway. Where the moogle was located.

The Ahriman can be first encountered during the Gathering Storm
The notorious mark Ahriman

This floating eyeball is a feisty one that won’t stop still, even for a few seconds. Constantly blasting spells and abilities. Including teleportation and purple giant orb projectiles.

Though it may only have one-eye it knows how to use it. By that I mean it enjoys firing more projectiles. A beam in fact. Out of its single eye socket. Yikes!

Doom is another move that is familiar to the series but new to the game thus far. Once cast it will summon four orbs around Clive that will slowly dissolve over time. Once the final orbs disappears a large black pool will appear below. On the ground. Keep out of it as it will explode after a short period of time.

Another of its moves is the Quaga. Which may sound similar to the fan favourite healing spell ‘Curaga’ but trust me, you wont be getting healed from this one. Instead this will conjure up several orange pools on to the ground, which will explode over time. Causing damage to anyone in the way instead. Yes, no heals. Quite the opposite in fact. Almost like an explosive mine field.

For defeating the Ahriman we will be rewarded with 200xp, 35 ability points, 5,000 Gil, 10 Renown, x10 magicked ash and x1 meteorite.


After the fight against One-Eye.. I mean Ahriman, continue on and collect the 3 bloody hides, 5 Gil and a sharp fang along the way. We will now reach the bridge. No we do not need to cross it.

However, next to this bridge is the water’s edge and an area where we can scatter the remains of the fallen citizens of both Eastpool and Glaidemond Abbey

Paying our respects

Now we can return back to Eastpool and speak with Martha. We will get a small scene and be able to move on to the next section of the main story quest.


We continue on with the Gathering Storm main story objective after having spoken with Martha and returning back to the Hideaway. From there make your way to The Ale Hall, which is part of the Main Deck. Where we will find Gav.

We will now have multiple new facilities now unlocked. This will include; Alliant Reports, The Patron’s Whisper, and the hunt board.

Both the Patron's Whisper and the Hunt Board become available during the Gathering Storm

The Alliant Reports was first introduced to us back during the Righting Wrongs chapter. Whilst the hunt board basically continues to introduce the notorious hunt marks. We faced one earlier, the One-Eye, Ahriman

Anyway after speaking with Gav and watching the scene regarding the Mothercrystals, we will then conclude the Gathering Storm chapter

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