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Building Gotterdammerung Weapon

This guide will tell you how to create and build the Gotterdammerung weapon in FF16 Final Fantasy XVI and unlock the Half Past Twilight trophy achievement. It is said to be the best sword you can find during your first playthrough. It does require a little bit of grinding but not nearly as much as the Final Fantasy of old but as long as you do your side quests and hunts, you’ll have what you need. Here’s the specific quests and hunts to pay attention to and what items to look out for.

It’s good to note that if you sell anything you need for Gotterdammerung you will be locked out from obtaining it. You can get those Items again but you will have to wait until new game+.

Step 1: Blacksmith Blues

Our first task in being able to acquire the Gotterdammerung weapon and the Half Past Twilight trophy achievement, sees us needing to complete a series of side quests given by a man called August in the Hideaway. Normally covering the artist woes of the Blacksmith.

  1. Blacksmith Blues I – Available during the main quest: Here Be Monsters
  2. Blacksmith Blues II – Available during the main quest: Letting Off Steam III. This one will however need to be picked up by looking at Clive’s letters in his room rather than talking to August.
  3. Blacksmith Blues III – Available during main quest: Like Father, Like Daughter
  4. Blacksmith Blues IV – Available during main quest: Across the Narrow

You can find a walkthrough for all of these quests here.

Once you have completed these quests you will be rewarded with the Gotterdammerung design draft. You likely won’t have what you need to make it just yet but that’s where the next step comes in.

Step 2: Orichalcum

The next and second step to acquiring the Gotterdammerung and Half Past Twilight requires us to collect 3 pieces of Orichalcum. Which is used to craft important gear, such as our weapon. But there are a few other pieces you may likely also need. In case you have already spent some of your Orichalcum here’s 5 places to get some more. All of these Orichalcum materials come as drops from certain notorious hunt marks


Atlas will become available fairly early but I suggest you take some time to level up before challenging him. We can find Atlas at The Imperial Province of Rosaria. Just south of The Broken Hilt.

You will be required to complete the Out of the Shadows main story quest before we can challenge this one.

Main quest: Out of the Shadows

A map of where to find the notorious hunt mark, Atlas.


The Gorgimera will likely drop one of these Orichalcums upon defeat. It is also part of the notorious hunt marks. Where it will appear as an S rank fight.

To find Gorgimera accept The Tricephalic Terror bounty and search The Dhalmekian Republic. It wanders the Velkroy Desert.

The main story quest, Across the Narrow, must be completed first.

Main quest: Across the Narrow

Gorgimera hunt location needed for the Half Past Twilight trophy achievement


Another notorious hunt mark. This Behemoth King is a stronger version of the Kuza Beast mark. It is also part of The Masterless Marauder.

After accepting the bounty you can then find this large king over at The Kingdom of Waloed. At the Vidargraes area.

(Note: You will be required to complete both the Back to Origin story quest and Nobody’s Tool side quest)

Main Quest: Back to Origin (After completing the side quest: Nobody’s Tool)

The Behemoth King awaits us over at the Vidargraes

4 – SIDE QUEST: Duty Undying II

Main Quest: Back to Origin after speaking with Jill.

Location: Tabor

Prerequisite: Duty Undying I

5 – SIDE QUEST: Under New Management II

Main Quest: Back to Origin after speaking with Jill.

Location: Northreach

Prerequisite: Under New Management I

Step 3: Darksteel

The next thing on your shopping list is Darksteel. Gotterdammerung demands 2 of these materials in order to proceed with the weapon creation. Just like with the Orichalcum these too come from the notorious hunt marks


The notorious hunt mark, Thanatos, is known for dropping one of these Darksteel upon its defeat. The creature itself attacks with a laser ability and is part of the Usher to the Underworld.

We can find it at The Dhalmekian Republic. East of Kretov.

Main Quest: Brotherhood

Where to find Thanatos for the Half Past Twilight and Darksteel


The Prince of Death is another hunt mark. Taking the form of a terrifying wraith-type creature. We can find it after collecting The Grim Reaper bounty from the huntboard.

There you will want to travel to the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. West of the Royal Meadows.

Main Quest: Back to Origin after completing the side quest: Under New Management II

Step 4: Collect 1 Primitive Battlehorn

One last hunt for your final ingredient. It’s held by an unassuming goblin. The Gobermouch. Which is yet another notorious mark. It is also one that does not have a stagger bar.

We can find this ‘gobbie’ by collecting the necessary bounty hunt. It is recommended to be around level 38 before challenging it.

You can then find it at The Kingdom of Waloed, Maudlin Mason. You must complete the Brotherhood main story quest first.

Notorious Mark: Gobermouch

Main Quest: Brotherhood

Gobermouch location for the Primitive Battlehorn

Step 5: Crafting

Congrats! You have everything you need. Get your items back to Blackstone and let him work his magic and award you with the best first playthrough sword! Go show that final boss whose boss!

After having successfully managed to craft the Gotterdammerung weapon we will also, no, unlock the Half Past Twilight trophy achievement.


If Ragnarok was forged to mark the war of the gods, then Gotterdammerung-meaning ”twilight of the gods” -was forged to mark the fall of those selfsame deities.

375 Attack

375 Stagger

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