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A guide on the Headwind chapter of Final Fantasy XVI (FFXVI). This section teaches us how to break enemy guard. We also encounter Benedikta.

In their pursuit of the missing Dominant and Lostwing’s Bearers, Clive and Cid must infiltrate a nearby Sanbrequois fortress now teeming with Waloeder soldiers.


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We find ourselves inside the Holy Empire’s stronghold of Caer Norvent. This place is, as perhaps expected, very dark. Being a dungeon that is quite understandable. However, thankfully the path is rather linear. So just navigate through the darkened areas until you find the cells. Clive will inform us that all of these cells are, indeed, empty. So just ignore them and proceed through the gate.

Continuing on and we will eventually come across the Royalists. Defeat them and inspect the door to find out that there are more of them on the other side, Clive will decide that going this way is not a good idea. Leaving us with having to find an alternative route.

Our exit is actually through the window. Once you are back outside again, remain on the lower ground and search the area for a Steelsilk and a Wyrrite. Head up the steps of the ruins to find a fallen soldier by a Potion.

Head back down the stairs and make your way back to the window. From there follow the stairs up to the area above. Here we will find a gate with yet more Royalists behind it. Defeat them

After eliminating them proceed and head through the following doorway. Here we will find a treasure chest containing a 50G and 5 spools of steelsilk. Head down the next set of stairs to find more loot, this time 2 pinches of magicked ash

Heading through the next door will present us with a fight against the Royal Tognvaldr. Who fights very much like the Midnight Raven that we encountered back in the Fanning Embers chapter.

The Royal Tognvaldr Headwind Fight
The Royal Tognvaldr

The Royal Tognvaldr even comes complete with the same abilities as the Midnight Raven too, such as Raiton and Katon. His two fire and electricity moves. For defeating and winning the battle we will be rewarded with 15XP and 30 Ability Points.

Continue on through the gate to find both a Potion and a treasure chest containing The Favor of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone). Heading up the stairs and we will come across 2 sharp fangs.

There is additional loot that we can find before heading up the stairs. Simply go through the other doorway here. On the lower ground. This door will actually take us back to the lower sections where we managed to find the Steelsilk and Wyrrite. Basically it is the alternative path from the window we went through.

Anyway by choosing to head through this doorway we will come across a Bloody Hide. This area has now been thoroughly searched so make your way back to the stairs leading up once again.

How To Break Through Enemy Guard In FFXVI
Breaking The Enemy Guard Tutorial

We will now get a tutorial on how to break through the enemy’s guard. Basically when an enemy target decides to guard from Clive‘s attacks they will receive less damage, if any at all. The only way to remedy this is by using our actual abilities such as Rising Flames and Scarlet Cyclone. Normal attacks will not work. Break an enemy’s guard to deal maximum damage once again.

After eliminating the multiple waves of Royalists head through the door to reach the chapel. Here we can collect a Potion.

Head through the gate here to trigger our next boss fight and a rather cool cinematic scene.


We now have to fight both Suparna and Chirada. Two of the Garuda companions, so expect plenty of wind elemental attacks heading our way. Both of which actually fight a bit differently from each other.

For example Chirada is more of a melee fighter, whilst Suparna prefers to actually stand back and fire projectile attacks. Rather than getting up close and personal.

Headwind Chirada Fight
Fighting Chirada

Since Chirada is more of a melee fighter you should try to avoid its arm swings and the occasional dive and lunge attacks too. To be honest it is not that tough as long as you remain cautious and vigilant.

Whereas Suparna will want to cast projectile attacks. So perhaps aiming for this one first might be the safest option. An easy way to avoid its attacks is to keep a watchful eye on the ground. This is a clear sign of any incoming attacks. If you happen to be standing in something that does not look right, then you know you will want to move.

When you have managed to stagger one of these flying wind Eikons you will trigger the second phase of the fight.

Suparna Wind Elemental Eikon

Here we will encounter several new moves including the Perfect Storm. Where the two will work as a team, with Chirada performing a lunge dive towards us and Suparna will summon several wind explosives, which will either explode when you get too close or when enough time has passed.

For defeating these two Eikons we will receive 30XP, 45 Ability Points, 1,200G. Along with x2 Clouded Eye, x35 Sharp Fang and x30 Magicked Ash

After the scene proceed up the stairs and as the paths split you will want to turn and head left. Towards a dead end and a door. Inside is a bedroom with a treasure chest containing a Meteorite

A Chest Containing Meteorite

Now return to the split path and head in the opposite direction this time. Collecting the Potion along the way. Ignore the door opposite and turn right to find another Potion. Head through the door now to encounter more of the Royalist soldiers. Here we will also get a quick tutorial on how enemy targets can use and take advantage of the ‘Cure’ ability.

The Cure ability will allow the enemy to heal their companions and team mates. So you will want to keep an eye out for those and prioritise your attacks on them first.

Once they have been dealt with proceed through the door and into the next area.

Royalist Soldier Using Cure Ability

Head up the stairs and collect 2 Gil along the way. You will then notice another item just beyond the wreckage and ruined barricade. Ignore it for now and push on. More Royalists.

Head through the door and choose the stairs leading down to find another collectible item. This is the item that was found behind the barricade earlier. A Potion

Continue to follow the stairs leading up this time. Defeating the Royalists and continue on to reach a dead end with a Wyrrite. Head back now and turn and head into the next area. More Royalists.

Continue on along the, now narrow path, to find our next Royal Tognvaldr.

After the fight continue through the other door to find a High Potion. This will bring us to The Green Tower. Grab the next Potion and head up the stairs.

Along the way we will find more Magicked Ash and a Bloody Hide. Then once at the top we will locate a Potion. Proceed through the door.


We are now fighting the Garuda Dominant, Benedikta. Who has quite a lot of moves. More than any other combatant that we have faced thus far.

During phase 1 her moves are fast but they are also limited. She will start by throwing multiple wind based projectiles towards you. They should be easy enough to dodge. She will also occasionally lunge towards you for an additional attack.

One of her early attacks include Aeroga, which is where she will summon a large wind ball projectile towards you. There will only be one of these, to start off with.

Benedikta Fight Headwind Chapter
Benedikta Casts Aeroga

When you successfully manage to stagger Benedikta she will begin to perform another new move. A move known as Wind Blade. Where, as its name suggests, a large blade of wind will be projected towards you. Time your dodges correctly to avoid it.

After being staggered for the second time a cinematic will trigger. Be ready for those quick time events. Benedikta will also now transform into her Garuda form. Complete with wings. Allowing you to now be able to fly around the area.

She will now have several new moves to go alongside her ‘new’ form. This includes Nosedive. Which is very similar to the Dragoon’s Jump ability. Where she will jump into the air and dive into the ground. Causing damage to whomever she lands upon. Thankfully we can simply avoid this by dodging the quick flash that appears to trigger where she will land.

Be wary of her claw attacks, which she will perform in quick succession and with multiple hits. Her Aeroga attacks has also been updated, allowing her to now throw multiple wind ball projectiles, instead of just one.

Anyway for defeating Benedikta we will receive 60XP, 150 Ability Points, 2,200Gil. Alongside x1 The Will of Fire (Rising Flames), x50 Wyrrite and x2 Meteorite.

This will then conclude the Headwind chapter.

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