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The Hide, Hideaway chapter of Final Fantasy XVI begins and our current destination is The Hideaway. North of the map. Here we will get a quick scene and Clive Rosfield will inform us that the place is basically a ruin.

We will also get a tutorial on the Local Map. Which can be accessed by the touchpad on the Playstation 5 controller. Our main destination will also be marked with a red icon. Making navigation much easier.


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Our main objective now is to find and speak with Cid. Who is to the west of the map, by Cid’s Solar. Feel free to explore first though. We can speak with many of the locals. Including Surly Smith, the blacksmith and we can get some more lore by speaking with the nearby Botanist.

Anyway once you are ready proceed and speak with Cidolfus. Then after the scene we will be tasked with heading to the main hall. Which is actually The Grand Hall on the map.



Here we will meet up with Goetz who will give us a Continental Rum, which can be used to persuade the blacksmith, Surly Smith to speak with us. If you tried to before well you know that it would not have been very successful so let us try again. He is over at The White Adze

The blacksmith will then agree to help us, though he admits that he is only doing so as part of a favour to Goetz. We will then be given a tutorial on Forging. We will now be able to forge an Iron Belt +1. Which can improve our overall defence by +23.

If you inspect the map once again you will notice that the Blacksmith icon has now been added. We also know that the ‘Surly Smith’ is actually known as Blackthorne and he works at The Black Hammer.

Blackthorne also has a few other weapons that he can both craft and reinforce. Should you have the required materials to do so.


Iron Bracers +1Frozen Tear x1, Wyrrite x24
Broadsword +1Frozen Tear x1, Wyrrite x30


Broadsword +2Broadsword +1, Meteorite +1
Broadsword +1Broadsword, Frozen Tear x1, Wyrrite x5
Iron Belt +2Iron Belt +1, Meteorite +1,
Iron Bracers +2Iron Bracers +1, Meteorite x1
Iron Bracers +1Iron Bracers x1, Frozen Tear x1, Wyrrite x4

Return and speak with Goetz and a scene will trigger. Our task now is to go and speak to the man comforting the injured individual. Curmudgeon. Who wants us to visit Tarja at the infirmary. Which is just up the stairs.

Tarja – The Infirmary

After the next scene we will then get another message that informs us that the optional side quests have now been unlocked. These are indicated on the map by green icons above the NPC. Also, any side quests that are either in progress or have been completed will appear in the Journal section of the menu.

Proceed and speak with Charon at her stall. We can then purchase her goods or even sell our own.


Broadsword500 Coin
Iron Bracers400 Coin
Potion200 Coin
High Potion400 Coin
Stoneskin Tonic800 Coin

Regardless if you opted to purchase anything or not Charon will point out some other supplies over by the stone pillar. Interact with them and we will be informed that this stone pillar is actually known as The Arete Stone.

For those that have yet to download and install everything that Final Fantasy XVI currently has to offer. You may need to wait for the data to install before we can interact with the stone.

The data is 75.293 GB and took me 8 hours to install. Though, in truth, my internet is terrible. So it may not take as long for the vast majority. This will then complete the Hide, Hideaway chapter.

Whilst we are still at The Hideaway we can also complete some of the earlier side quests too such as Food For Thought and Make Do and Mend

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