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The Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Holding On chapter begins at Martha’s Rest. When the team say their farewells to Cid before continuing their journey. Our next destination is over at Eastpool. North east of our starting location. By The Broken Hilt


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After the events of Homecoming we will have several side quests now open and available for us. Including False Friends and Crystaline Lifeline. Both of which are available at Martha’s Rest.

Anyway begin by heading north and into Martha’s Rest. Keep following the path until you bump into several Killer Bee and Death Blossoms. Here we can also find 15 Gil

West of Greensheaves we can find more shiny items we well as several Cray Claw and Arachne. Around this area we will also find another Adamantoise. Along with 3 briar clam shells.

In the area north of the map and just before crossing into Rhiamon’s Ride we will find several Footpad enemy soldiers, by an abandoned hut. They seem to be defeating a treasure chest containing x10 pinches of magicked ash.

Fredric, Hunter


Make your way towards Rhiamon’s Ride and we will come across Fredric, Hunter. Who will have the Beast Against Beast side quest. Where we can earn ourselves 1,000 Gil.

Fredric will mention that wolves have been attacking. Accept the quest or don’t, its optional. However, the related wolves can be found by simply following the path anyway. So you might as well collect the quest as it requires minimal effort.

These wolves will be known as Starving Wolves. These are basic normal enemies. Nothing to really worry about and no real threat with any abilities to speak of.

Remember that once the quest has been complete we will need to speak with Brice, not Fredric. The original client. Brice can be found further along the path and across the bridge. You are looking for the Vexed Villager. For completing the Beast Against Beast side quest we will be rewarded with 20xp, 1,000 Gil, x10 Wyrrite, and x1 Meteorite.

Now if we make our way back across the bridge once again and to the left side. East of the Ride and south of The Broken Hilt we will be able to collect more shiny items and encounter a Minotaur.


On the opposite side of the map we can find the other side of the abandoned hut. Where the Footpad soldiers once stood. Here we can collect 3 spools of steelsilk. Whilst heading inside and up the stairs we can find a chest with a Goblin Coin

Now we can continue on to The Broken Hilt. Keep going and collect the chunks of wyrrite along the way

Hidden Treasure Found in the Holding On chapter
Hidden Treasure

Just before entering Eastpool there will be a treasure chest behind the abandoned building, opposite the waterfall in the distance. Inside the chest is x10 bloody hides

Anyway continue on to Eastpool for another quick scene. We will now get some new clothing as well as a new weapon. The Invictus weapon has an attack rating of 165. Whilst the Metian Cross has a defence of 45 and the Metian Bonds also has a defence rating of 45. So basically a new weapon, clothing and accessories. All of which will also be automatically equipped.

We are now nearing the end of the Holding On chapter. Its basically a simple exploration segment of the main story. Allowing us to explore more of the Rosaria map and finding new enemy foes.


We can also do a bit of shopping here too. However, our new gear is probably the best we can find right now. So, with that said let us make haste towards the Phoenix Gate.

The Eastpool Mayor Greets Us During The Holding On Chapter
The Mayor Of Eastpool

As we try to make for the gate we will be stopped by someone who recognizes Clive. He is apparently the Mayor of the village. After the dialogue we will be given a new task. One that involves looking for the old man by the well.


This section of the Holding On chapter is actually optional. However, we will need to complete it at some point. So begin by heading towards the well in the center of the village. Turns out that the man we are looking for is no longer here. So we now need to ask the nearby villagers for answers and clues to his whereabouts. Speak with the woman by the hay stack and man sweeping by the stairs,

After speaking with them both we will find out that the man we are looking for is a rather elderly individual who used to work at the Rosaria castle kitchens. We can now find and speak with Patrick, the chocobokeeper to learn more.

Apparently Patrick was meant to be keeping a watchful eye on the man by carelessly lost track of him. We need to try and find him.


Make your way across the bridge. South of Eastpool and back to The Broken Hilt. Keep heading south, through the farmers field and to a dead end area. Here we can also find 3 pinches of magicked ash and 3 chunks of wyrrite

We will find our target here, on top of the cliffs. However, this will also spawn a bunch of Mud Dauber and Worgens. Normal enemies really. We will be rewarded with 16xp, 5 Ability Points and 56 Gil. Along with x2 sharp fangs and x2 Steelsilk

Finding The Old Man Of Eastpool

After completing and finding the old man we can now continue on with our quest to find the Phoenix Gate. Proceed through the large wooden gate. This will take us to The Dim.


The Dim is basically the deadlands and as we make our way up the hill we will find a Potion. To the east is a door that we cannot access just yet. Clive will question it and wonder if it is some kind of relic. Ignore it for now.

Continue on up the hill. Heading north. Collect another Potion. Followed then by both a High-Potion and another ordinary Potion

We arrive at Phoenix Gate. Marking the end of the Holding On chapter in FFXVI
The Phoenix Gate Seen In The Distance

We will now arrive at Phoenix Gate. The location at the very start of the game. Where Ifrit and Clive wrecked havoc and supposedly killed young Joshua.

This will conclude the Holding On chapter of Final Fantasy XVI. Our next chapter allows us to explore the Phoenix Gate ruins.

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