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Louder Than Words is our next chapter within Final Fantasy XVI. We start at the Orabelle Downs location. In this chapter we get introduced to the Obelisks. Which allows us to quick travel around both the World Map and Local Map.


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Continue to follow the red destination marker and we can find a Potion to the right of the path, and 2 Gil to the left. If you follow the path up and east of Orabelle Downs we will also locate 2 Bloody Hides

Locating The 2 Bloody Hides
Locating The 2 Bloody Hides

When you are ready continue on and we will encounter the Royal Osfreyr. Continue north from them and we will reach Lostwing. A scene will trigger and we will be alone with Torgal, whilst Cid takes a quick detour.

You can actually spot Cid inside the abandoned village. He has not really gone very far. Anyway keep searching the area.

Whilst in Lostwing you will want to search for a small child by the cargo crate boxes. When you get closer to her you will hear her crying, at this point she will be marked on the map. Speak with her to discover that our next destination is over at the church.

Head to the church for a scene and we will be tasked with chasing down a soldier who will run to inform the others. Continue the chase and another scene will commence.


We will now face off against Chirada. The wind based summon or Eikon. To be honest it isn’t that tough. Its attacks are also rather slow and easily avoidable.

When Chirada is about to unleash a projectile towards you we will get a sign before doing so. A very distinguishable sign that will be located across the ground. Almost resembling a rail of some kind. This will both indicate a projectile attack is about to be unleashed, alongside in which direction it will be heading towards too. Usually after this move is performed she will then attempt to dash towards you.


Some of its other moves include a quick arm swipe and when its health reaches about half way, Chirada will then cast several wind plumes across the floor. These will explode if you get too close.

For defeating the wind Eikon we will be rewarded with 15XP, 30 Ability Points and 600 Gil. Alongside x1 Cleric’s Medallion, x10 Wyrrite, x15 Sharp Fang, and x10 Magicked Ash.

We will be given several more scenes and the location to where Benedikta is holding the fire Dominant. Thanks to Gav and his ability to track down information.

This will then conclude the Louder Than Words chapter.

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