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Make do and mend is a Final Fantasy XVI side quest. It is also one of the more earlier ones too alongside Food For Thought. It simply requires us to go and collect some wood in order to maintain the Hideaway ruin.

Geoffroy, the Hideaway’s head carpenter, needs Clive to fetch him some wood with which to make repairs.


Food For Thought – Side Quest


The Final Fantasy XVI side quests begin on your first visit to the Hideaway. A ruined village where it appears that Cid is one of the locals. We come here after the fight against Shiva’s Dominant, during A Chance Encounter.

From there a series of scenes and exploring will then follow. Including getting familiar with The Black Hammer, blacksmith. Blackthorne.

At this point we will need to scout out Tarja before the side quest will be unlocked. Once they are we will be able to complete two really easy ones straight away. Including Food For Thought and, of course, Make Do and Mend

Geoffroy The Head Carpenter


We can begin this one by heading north of the Hideaway map. Towards The Furrows. Here we can meet and speak with Geoffroy, Head Carpenter. Who seems to be busy hammering away at a wooden wall.

Upon speaking with him he will inform us that he is in need of more wood. However, he cannot get any himself as he cannot leave his post. For the fear of his hard work falling over and creating a ‘chaotic mess’. So that task is left to us.

Before we leave Geoffroy will mention that we should be able to locate some timber over at the White Adze. Which is to the south east of the map.

Here we will find the Carpenter. Who, coincidentally enough, has just got done cutting some timber that we can use. So go ahead and inspect it. We will have now collected our wood so proceed and return back to Geoffroy.

This will then complete the Make Do and Mend Final Fantasy XVI side quest.




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