Righting Wrongs

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Righting Wrongs. An FF16 Final Fantasy XVI chapter that sees us arriving back at the Hideaway. Where we are told to visit Cid. Tragedy has struck between the imperil army and the Bearers. Clive wants action and he seeks to join the outlaw in hopes of achieving just that.


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Once you gain control of Clive at the start of the Righting Wrongs chapter you will want to head west of the map, to Cid’s Solar. Here we will get a rather lengthy scene involving the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.

Empire of Sanbreque

After the scene we can visit the Blacksmith who will have several new recipes for us. If you haven’t checked in for a while you can expect to find quite a few of both new weapon and accessories


Stormcryx1 Wind Shard
Gaia Blade +1x1 Imperial Link, x90 Wyrrite, x1 Minotaur Mane
Bastard Sword +1x1 Clouded Eye, x55 Wyrrite, x10 Magicked Ash
Longsword +1x1 Gnarled Scale, x42 Wyrrite, x1 Dragon Talon
Broadsword +1x1 Frozen Tear, x30 Wyrrite
Flametonguex1 Stormcry, x1 Fire Shard, x1 Meteorite


Goldwork Sash +1x60 Steelsilk, x26 Magicked Ash, x3 Valley Madder
Dark Sash +1x2 Valley Madder, x30 Magicked Ash, x20 Steelsilk
Wolfskin Sash +1x12 Steelsilk, x14 Bloody Hide, x12 Sharp Fang
Battlechains +1x1 Imperial Link, x81 Wyrrite
Steel Crowns +1x57 Wyrrite, x1 Dragon Talon
Traveler’s Bands +1x1 Gnarled Scale, x40 Sharp Fang
Iron Bracers +1x1 Frozen Tear, x24 Wyrrite


When you are ready proceed and speak with Charon. Who will then tell you to go and visit Otto. During the Righting Wrongs chapter of FF16 we will unlock the Alliant Reports mechanic.

Unlocking the Alliant Reports

The Alliance Reports are basically extra side quests that you can undertake. Unlike ones that appear on various different locations and can only be seen by accessing the map or running around. These ones can be undertaken by speaking to Gaute

Once you have spoken to Gaute, who is next to the counter. We will be presented with a list of side quests. We will also be told that we can fast travel by accessing this menu too.

There will be two side quests available to us to begin with. Both of which are located in Lostwing. Complete them and earn yourself more rewards.

Okay let us proceed with the main story now that all of that has been taken care of. In order to do that we will need to speak with Gav by the entrance. From there fast travel to Lostwing and then to the Dragon’s Aery.


Another new feature and one that also unlocks during the Righting Wrongs chapter of FFXVI is the Photo Mode feature. Quite self explanatory but now we can take photos of anyone and anything.

During this mode we will have several features that we can play with in order to get the perfect photo. Including Roll, which allows us to rotate the picture.

FIELD OF VIEW: This allows us to zoom in and out

CLIVE: This will be what our original option will show. However, it basically allows you to take a photo with Clive in the shot or not. If you would rather take a screenshot without him then toggle this option off.

The Depth of View option also gives us more photo camera opportunities. It’s a bit different from the normal camera though as its generally just about camera focus and such. Anyway feel free to play around with it before then moving on.


Anyway make your way towards Northreach. In this area we can also find several shiny objects, including; several Potions and pinches of magicked ash.

If you make your way up towards the watchtower we will encounter an imperial legionnaire guarding the watchtower itself. Defeat it and the next several waves of targets that also appear after. These waves will appear from within the watchtower. No we cannot go inside.

There is a treasure chest to the left of the door. It contains a Kestrel’s Beak Braid. Now we want to proceed back down once again. This will take us to the Claireview region.

By the waters edge to the left we can find 10 gil. This area is fairly large and unlike the previous area, which featured low level 15 hornets. We are now up against level 21 Arachne, Vultures, and Raptors. There is also the occasional Wild Chocobo too

Northreach is a key location within the Righting Wrongs chapter
Reaching the village of Northreach

When you enter Northreach you will notice that this place has a merchant and it also has two guards making sure we stay out. Not to worry, instead we need to find the ‘Dame’ to sort this problem out. Her name is Isabelle. She patrols this area.


Proceed and speak with Isabelle who will be waiting by the guards. Thanks to her we will now be allowed further inside the castle. To a much larger area that also consists of The Iron Flagon, The Dragon’s Armor, Imperial Training Grounds and The Veil.

Isabelle and the Veil

Keep following Isabelle and she will lead us to the Veil. As she previously mentioned she has a favour she wants our help with. This requires us to find someone she knows and has gone missing. A person named Tatienne.


Start by asking the nearby girls to see if they know anything. The Veil Courtesan will mention that Tatienne was feeling sad and emotional because she had lost her precious comb. A gift from Isabelle. That she was also an orphan.

We now need to speak with the chambermate. Who is nearby. Sitting on the bench. She will mention that a man from the garrison was harassing Tatienne.

One of the Righting Wrongs chapter objectives sees us tracking down Tatienne

To find the garrison we need to make our way west of the map, towards the Imperial Training Grounds. Here speak with the Garrison Soldier. We will now learn that the harasser is known as Yannick.

Report to The Iron Flagon and to Isabelle. We now need to visit the village of Moore and seek out a man named Bertrand. This village is situated to the north east of Northreach.


Make for the village of Moore and to the haunting and disturbing music that now plays. I actually quite like this song. It shows how corrupt The Holy Empire of Sanbreque actually is. Off in the distance is the castle of Oriflamme

The Oriflamme castle beckons in the distance

As we continue to explore this area we will encounter the citizens treating the branded as slaves. Which also makes this particular musical track so much more fitting. The carnage, suffering. I love the music but this entire area is not one I particularly enjoy visiting.

Anyway speak with Bertrand who is attending the haystack. He will tell us to speak with the trader. Who is to the east of the map. By the well. He will mention that Yannick tried to sell Tatienne’s comb to him. Trying to demand that it was an antique.

Finding Tatienne during Righting Wrongs

We now need to head north of the map. So return back to the Royal Meadows and make your way north. As we get closer we will notice several Bloated Wolf. Normal enemies but we will need to still deal with them.

For successfully managing to defeat these Bloated Wolf we will be rewarded with 20xp, 44 Ability Points, 80 Gil. Alongside x2 sharp fang and x5 bloody hide.

We will now discover the fate of both Tatienne and Yannick. Report back to Isabelle and let her know what happened. She will be at the Moore village.


After telling Isabelle what has happened we can then join up with our comrades over at the abandoned chapel. Situated east of Moore village. Pass through the Royal Meadows once again.

Continue east and up the hill. Here we will meet up with our companions Jill and Cid once again. This will also end the Righting Wrongs chapter. Be warned though as the game will indicate that we have reached a pivotal point of the main story and cannot exit this area until events are over. Meaning no fast traveling or completing side quests for a while.

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