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FF16 Final Fantasy XVI The Crystal’s Curse sees Cid, Clive and Jill heading through Drake’s Head in search for the Mothercrystals. Which must be both found and destroyed. They are corrupted and are a threat to the world of Valisthea


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When you arrive at the enemy base over at the Drake’s Head you will instantly spot several imperials soldiers guarding the area below. So we will want to cause as minimal noise as possible so we do not distract them. Anyway watch Cidolfus run off and follow him through the doorway.

Head down the staircase to reach a wooden platform. To the left is a set of ladders, follow them down to find a treasure chest containing 800 Gil. Continue to follow Cid. Now we will have no other choice but to fight the imperial soldiers, some of them anyway.

Continue to follow Cid, once again, and destroy the wooden barricade in order to be able to spot the main tunnel. Also here is another shiny (2 chunks of wyrrite).

Crawl underneath the ruins to find a sharp fang and continue on to find 2 chunks of wyrrite. At the end of this path Cid will be waiting for us. So too will be a bunch of enemy soldiers. Deal with them.


After dealing with the ‘small fry’ we will then encounter the Imperial Cannonier. Who is very similar to the Imperial Champion that we faced back during The Meaning of Life chapter. Except this time we are dealing with a very large cannon instead of a hammer.

As he attacks using a cannon we can explosive things to get very explosive. In fact one of his many attacks involves seeing fire explosive projectiles being fired towards you. These usually come in the appearance of three fireballs. That are also very large in size.

The Imperial Cannonier

Another one of his moves is the Black Powder, which sees the imperial place the cannon onto the ground. Drawing energy into the surface. This gathered energy is then reflected as three devastating lines and tremors. Try to avoid them.

Also during the first phase the enemy target will attempt to use the cannon as a flamethrower. Spreading fire across the area. It may be best just to wait it out before going in for the attack once again.


For the second phase of the fight the Imperial Cannonier will turn Akashic. Meaning it will absorb the Aether in the air and bring out its true form. It will also come with some additional abilities too. Such as; Rocketeer which sees the imperial ride his own cannon around the area. Causing damage to anyone in his way.

There are also upgrades to both his Black Powder and fireball attacks. Instead of just doing three attacks for each. There are now even more tremors and fire projectiles to worry about.

Fighting the Imperial Cannonier during The Crystal's Curse

After being staggered during the second phase of the fight, he will pull off one more new move. His final new move. The Hard Launch. Which sees him take to the air and ride the cannon into the ground. Almost like a Dragoon’s ‘Jump’ ability.

For winning the fight you will receive 70xp, 110 Ability Points, 2,000 Gil. As well as The Favor of the Inferno (Ignition), x15 Wyrrite, and x15 Steelsilk.


Open the gate leading to the lift and ride it down to the lower levels. This will take us to The Glass Mines. Collect the sparkling items, which will include; Steelsilk, High Potion, and a Potion. Follow the mine tracks along and further into the mines itself.

To the right is a dead end with another steelsilk. We will then encounter several Akashic Miners. Basically aether corrupted imperials.

After taking care of those you will then want to break through the wall barricade. Here, on the other side, we can find 2 pinches of magicked ash. Then cross the rather unstable wooden bridge.


Here we will learn of the Warcry. An enemy move that allows a select few of the enemy targets to basically invigorate themselves. Which enhances their overall performance in battle. Including their strength. Defeat them as quickly as possible to lessen the chance of taking too much damage.

Introducing Warcry

After the fight collect the sparkling shiny items, here we can find 2 Gil and a bloody hide. Keep following the tracks east to find a steelsilk and a potion. Before moving on to the next area make sure to collect the chest for 60 Gil and 7 sharp fangs

In this next area you will want to collect the Potion next to the tunnel leading up and towards the east. Follow this tunnel up now to find another treasure chest with 10 chunks of wyrrite. Alongside, you guessed it! A Potion!

Now by collecting all of this we have triggered a bunch of Akashic War Wyrms and Miners. Defeat them and then activate the gate to open it. Moving on..

How to open the gate during The Crystal's Curse
Activating the Gate

More Akashic Miners await us alongside the return of the Imperial Champion or, now named, Akashic Champion. Well, I did mention in the past chapter that it was a normal enemy. So too is the Imperial Cannonier.

Anyway once you are done cleaning up proceed through another barricaded wall in order to reach a dead end? Nah, not really. First collect the chest containing the Coral Sword and then inspect the gate. It requires both Cid and Clive to open it.

We now find ourselves in a dark cave of sorts. As if it wasn’t already dark enough. Here we can find a sharp fang and a potion. Before then making it to the….


Continue on. The path is very linear but also full of danger too. Enemies from the Buried Memories chapter have returned. These include the Wraiths, Specters and even the Lich. Once you reach the very bottom of this area we will encounter a boss fight


The Akashic Dragon is a large dragon boss who has succumbed to the aether. One of its starting attacks will be a giant fireball projectile, so be ready to dodge that one. At first this will be only the single projectile.

From there the dragon will also attempt to dash towards you causing potential damage if you happen to get hit. Another move involves breathing fire into the ground and causing a direct line of tremors. These said tremors will eventually explode, so keep away from that too. It is a somewhat similar move to the Black Powder attack that was seen during the Imperial Cannonier fight.

The Akashic Dragon

It is recommended to fight and aim for its head rather than the body. It will take severally more damage and thus is basically its weak point.


After the first initial stagger the Akashic will upgrade its fireball attack. Unleashing two of them instead of the single one. Then after the second stagger it will attempt to fly off. Don’t worry it isn’t fleeing. Simply readying one of its new moves.

Cauterize is a fire based attack which sees the dragon flying towards you from the opposite end of the bridge. Whilst during this it will also be breathing fire. There isn’t much space to move around in as most of the platform will be engulfed in flames. However, it generally casts fire from left to right allowing us to find a small and brief opening. The fireball attack also sees another upgrade. Releasing three fire projectiles now.

Fighting the Akashic Dragon in The Crystal's Curse

The last of the new moves is one known as Dragon Dance. Which sees the large winged beast cast several fireballs now. Yes, another upgrade to that move. A total of six projectiles. Followed then by the ‘tremor attack’ and finally a dive attempt towards you. A mixture of all of its moves all in one long attack. So, maybe not quite a new move as such. Just a longer variation of the older ones.

For defeating the Akashic Dragon we will receive 90xp, 120 ability points, 3,000 Gil. Alongside x10 bloody hide, x2 meteorite and x1 black blood

Anyway continue on to The Inner Sanctum. Here we can collect several potions and a chest containing x10 spools of steelsilk, x10 bloody hides and x10 pinches of magicked ash.


Our next boss and the final one for this chapter is Typhon. Who you will fight alone and in a similar world, where you fought Clive’s shadow in Buried Memories. Our protagonist is still struggling to control the power of Ifrit. So to begin with we will be in our weaker form.

Meanwhile Typhon will still be struggling to break free of Ramuh’s staff. Though, do not count it out just yet. In its desperation to claim victory over you it will summon its minions. Starting with the Revenants. Simple cannon fodder really.

Typhon Fight

More cannon fodder will be thrown at us straight after, this time in the way of Specters. However, this time is also different. Not just in the form of enemy targets but also as Typhon will begin to summon purple coloured pools along the floor. Avoid these.

Still struggling with the staff it will summon another wave of minions. This time Wraith. As well as that a new ability too. One that sends purple tremors across the ground, in a rather direct line. Should be easy to avoid, right? Once these minions have been officially taken care of it will be time for the real fight.


Clive is now in control of Ifrit. Well to some extent anyway. We are now embodying the fire Eikon. This is nothing new really. However, it does follow the story of Clive and his struggles to come to terms with who he actually us.

SquareMelee Attack
TriangleRanged Attack

Now that the Typhon is freed from Ramuh’s staff it is now available to attack much more freely. However, it will begin with simple little fist swings. At least until half of its health gets depleted.

From there it will quickly teleport away in order to perform the first of its proper attacks. The Unending Clamor. Which sees a huge purple pool appear below Ifrit. Use the Wildfire ability to quickly run out of it. We can do this by holding the ‘Circle’ button and the directional stick. The Eikon should then move around like its on skates

Typhon firing purple projectiles in the Crystal's Curse chapter

Another one of its moves involves the casting of multiple small purple orbs. That will first surround Typon and then automatically target you. As well as the purple orbs being casted, sometimes the boss will also summon several purple lasers around it too. This move is easily spotted as, just like with the orbs, they appear to come from its hands

After successfully depleting its health it won’t be over. Just yet. The second form begins.


Our boss now appears to look a little bit different. It also come with many new and different moves too. Its opening attack often appears to be a purple laser coming from its chest. Easy to avoid but he does do it more than once, so be ready.

The Unending Clamor attack also sees an upgrade. Instead of one single purple pool, there is now multiple to avoid. His fist swipes are also much more aggressive.

Typhon’s ultimate form. Typhon the Transgressor

Demon Wall is a new move. Though not new to the series itself. Having appeared as a boss in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIV. Basically Typon summons a large wall that comes towards you. It only has one exit. Find it and Wildfire through it.

For defeating Typon we will receive 870xp, 200 ability points, 3,500 Gil. Along with The Breath of Fire (Flames of Rebirth), x25 sharp fang, x20 steelsilk, and x70 magicked ash.

We will now get a rather long scene and be transported five years into the future. Oh and we also get the power of Thunder!

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