The Meaning of Life

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In the past chapter of FF16 Final Fantasy XVI both Clive and Jill explored the apodytery and the ruins of the Phoenix castle. It is here where Clive also finally accepted the truth about what happened with his brother, Joshua. We now venture into the Meaning of Life chapter, which takes us back to Eastpool.


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Begin by following the path and collect both a High Potion and a Potion along the way. Heading further down the path and there will be another Potion. As we continue Torgal will begin to growl and bark before then running off.

Proceed and unlock the gate to find out that the imperial soldiers have attacked Eastpool. Defeat them. We can also take advantage of our new limit break ability too, if you wish. We can do this by activating both the L3 and R3 buttons on the controller.


After defeating the imperial minions we will then encounter the Imperial Champion. Though he may seem much larger than our other targets, he is still a normal encounter. Not an actual boss.

This so called ”champion” will be joined by two imperial astrologers. So basically mages. Deal with those first before moving onto the big guy.

The Imperial Champion

The imperial champion will always rely on his large hammer to deal the damage. Either by slamming it into the ground or by spinning around swiping and slicing. So be aware of that.

Attack of the Divine Hammer

Another one of his moves and abilities, which also involves that mighty weapon of his, is one known as Divine Hammer.

Divine Hammer basically sees this ‘large lump’ smack his hammer into the ground. Which then sends waves of light projectiles appearing in a straight formation. Easy to avoid really.

For defeating the Imperial Champion we will receive 65xp, 80 Ability Points, 1,500 Gil. Alongside x15 Wyrrite, x5 sharp fang, x5 Magicked Ash and x1 Meteorite

This will also conclude the current The Meaning of Life chapter. A rather short one, in truth. But one also with significant importance towards the story and the Bearers.

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