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There’s not too much trekking around the world of Final Fantasy XVI but it is made so much easier when you unlock your chocobo mount. You are able to call upon your chocobo in any of the open world sections as long as you aren’t in a populated area and she’ll give you a ride to anywhere you require, even bringing friends for any party members you have with you to ride on.

While on your chocobo you can pick up items as you rush by and even kick smaller enemies. She’s a faithful feathered friend no playthrough should be without.

WARNING: This guide contains story spoilers for the ‘White-Winged Wonder’ chocobo quest.

Clive rides around on the ‘Whiteheart’ chocobo Ambrosia


In order to unlock the chocobo mount you will need to pick up the quest at Martha’s Rest during the main quest ‘The Gathering Storm’. It will appear after you complete the sub-quest ‘Release’.

Pick Up The Quest

At the south exit to town you’ll find Rowan the Traveling Trader, a familiar face if you have been doing all the side quests thus far, though he won’t recognise Clive without his brand.

He’ll ask for you help to save a band of noble chocobos lead by a white chocobo called ‘Whiteheart’.

Track the Chocobos

Once you have accepted the quest, Rowen will direct you south, across the bridge and towards the marshes. This is a required step in acquiring the chocobo mount. Head that way and take a right after the last bridge. Follow around the hill to the quest marker which will be a suspicious white feather. It seems we’re on the right track.

Clive will point out more chocobo tracks, follow them through the marsh. The tracks will take you past a couple of beat-up bandits just showing how tough these chocobos really are. Keep running towards the bridge where a cutscene will play showing ‘Whiteheart’ and her flock cornered by nasty bandits.

Defend the Flock

Wave 1

Clive will walk in to defend her and her flock like the badass he is and you’ll be in combat. You’ll be dealing with 6 bandits. Nothing to worry about. Two of them, however, are mages so it’s best to head over to them and take them out first so you don’t have to worry about being hit by magic flying from off screen.

If you want to clear the distance to them fast, make sure to either jump forward with Phoenix or pull them to you with Garuda.

Wave 2

A second wave will appear consisting of 3 hounds and a Huntsman. Take out the hounds quickly so you can focus on the Huntsman. The Huntsman is a human mini boss with a large axe. His swings are wide but pretty well telegraphed. Use Garuda to pull down his stagger bar while staying cautious of his axe. When Garuda is on cool down, using Ramuh’s ‘Blind Justice’ ability will affix small lightning balls to the target. When they explode they will also help chip away at the enemy’s stagger. Don’t forget to take advantage of the half stagger stun by using Garuda’s ‘Deadly embrace’.

Use your fire abilities sparingly (Be they Pheonix or Ifrit) and try to time their cooldowns so they are available when you stagger the enemy. Once the enemy is staggered, use limit break and your fire abilities to maximise the amount of damage you can do while the enemies stunned. If it’s not enough to beat them after one stagger, rinse and repeat.

Once the battle is over you will be rewarded with: 48 XP, 24 AP, 120 GIL, 12 Steelsilk, 1 Gil Bug.

Quest Complete

A cutscene will play after where the defended bird will show her gratitude and Clive will notice something very special about her. Yes, indeed. You no longer need to worry about the brave little chocobo that saved you in the beginning, she’s here and she missed Clive. Her and Torgal greet each other and Rowan turns up to check up on you.

Rowan is as surprised as we are to find that ‘Whiteheart’ had an owner and out of gratitude to you and the chocobo outfits her will a saddle for you.

With that it’s quest complete and you’ll earn: 250 XP, 20 Renown, 60 Sharp Fangs and the Curiosity Ambrosia’s Tack which will be on display in Clive’s room when you return to The Hideaway.

Chocobo Controls

With the quest complete you can now summon the chocobo mount, Ambrosia, for a lift in any of the open world areas. You hold ‘R3’ to call her then ‘X’ to mount. Once you jump on for the first time, you’ll earn the ‘When You Ride Alone’ achievement and see Ambrosia’s basic controls. Press ‘R2’ to sprint, ‘L2’ to put on the breaks and hold ‘R3’ to dismount again.

It does not tell you however that Ambrosia can jump and attack! Press ‘🔲’ to attack an enemy and ‘✖’ to jump. Though she doesn’t do much damage so it’s best to dismount before a battle.

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