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Wages Of Guilt – Final Fantasy XVI

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The Wages of Guilt chapter in Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) continues on from the events of the Awakening. Clive discovers that the second Dominant of Fire was in fact him. He was the one who slew his brother thirteen years ago. He now begs for his own death as he becomes racket with guilt.


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Once you gain control of Clive you will want to locate and speak with Cid, who is over at The Great Hall. He will mention Gav and that we should journey towards Kingsfall.

To begin preparations for The Kingsfall you will want to open up the World Map. Where our next destination will be located, north of The Hideaway.


Once you arrive at The Kingsfall continue on and grab the chunks of wyrrite by the waterfall. Then drop down the ledge to confront a bunch of Black Widows. Follow the water and cross over to the other side. Here we will find 3 sharp fangs


As we progress through the Wages of Guilt chapter, we will eventually come across a rather large Minotaur. For the most part this enemy is not too tough. Whilst it can be fast it can also be easily avoided too.

The Minotaur’s main attacks will be with the use of its large mace weapon, which it will attempt to swing around. The creature can also dash towards its opponent too, all of which is easily avoidable.

Its move set doesn’t really change after it has been staggered neither. It still relies on the same attacks by using both its mace and dash attacks. The Minotaur is more of a sub boss rather than an actual boss.

For having successfully managed to defeat the large beast you will be rewarded with a Minotaur Mane, x25 Sharp Fang, x30 Bloody Hide, 18xp, 30 Ability Points and 1,250 Gil

Proceed under the fallen tree and collect the Potion on the other side. Head to the left of the waterfall to find 3 bloody hides. Keep following the linear path to find yet more Black Widow and Hornets.

Make your way across the ledge and drop down to the ground below, collecting the Potion along the way. We will then come across our next Minotaur, knew it wasn’t really a boss. Did not seem strong enough to qualify.

Continue on and we will come to a bridge. Collect the nearby High Potion and spools of steelsilk and then proceed cross the bridge. A scene will occur and we will be forced to fight a bunch of imperials.


After the first wave of imperials have been dealt with we will then be thrown against the Knight of the Dying Sun. Who is actually a Dragoon boss.

The Knight will be joined with a large Imperial War Aevis. However, to even the score Cid will be joining us. He will be mainly prioritising the flying creature. So we can concentrate on the armored Dragoon instead.

As he is a Dragoon we can expect many of their familiar moves, such as Jump. Which sees them take to the sky and come diving back down again. Dealing damage to anyone around them at the time.

They are also known to wield large spears too, that thy enjoy swinging around. So be ready to avoid that too. So for the first phase we can expect some of his more basic Dragoon abilities.

However, when the second phase begins the Knight will instantly switch gears and perform his new move, the Double Jump. Which is basically as the name says, he will perform the basic Jump move twice.

When the third phase begins we will witness yet another new move, the Mirage Dive. Where he will perform several of his basic Jump moves. We cannot deal any damage at this point. All we can do is try to avoid his attacks as much as possible, until Cidolfus takes care of this current situation.

For defeating the Knight of the Dying Sun we will be rewarded with 448xp, 120 Ability Points, 2,500 Gil, x2 Imperial Link, x50 Wyrrite, x55 Bloody Hide, and x3 Meteorite.


We will soon need to make our way back to The Hideaway. Where we will get another scene and be tasked with going to the infirmary. Which is to the north west of the map.


After the scene we will then need to find and speak with Charon. Who is over at her stand, in The Great Hall. She also has a few new wears at her store. Including the Bastard Sword, Dark Sash, and Steel Crowns.

When you are ready speak with Gav who is by the Hideaway entrance and it will be time to leave. Cid will not be joining us this time around, unfortunately. But we are joined by Jill instead.

This then completes both the Wages of Guilt and The Hunter and the Hunted chapters. Now we need to make our way to the Three Reads, north of Hideaway. For the start of the Homecoming chapter.

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