Baldur’s Gate 3 – How To Win The Chicken Chase (Goblin Camp) Guide

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As you explore the Goblin Camp you will more than likely meet up with a Goblin named Krolla

Krolla will be in charge of a little mini game which sees you and this beast (Owlbear) stuck in an obstacle course

However, unfortunately as you have probably worked out already this specific mini game is not that great in letting you know what exactly it is that you are meant to do here.

Many have thought it was a simple race between you and the actual chicken, however it is not.

What you are meant to do here is, simply herd the chicken into the goal (the stairs with the pitchforks)

You can do this by keeping behind it and thus it will move in that direction, stand to the right of it will herd it right and left side of it, left and so on.

You are not actually racing it at all and the key to winning this is to just keep near it or you can also choose to talk to the cub too if you want in order to persuade it to go to the goal instead. If you have the ability to talk to the animal that is.

Also, though you do not actually see a timer on the screen you do actually have a set time in which to do this.


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